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Friday, March 25, 2011

McDonald's Big Breakfast

Alright, as everyone know, McDonald's is giving out their best promotion now with free two big breakfast for every RM5 spent in a single receipt? If you don't know, then you better start printing the voucher at the bottom of this post and grabbing it because it's only valid till 31st March 2011. Reason being McDonald's won the Gold Putra Brand Award for the 2nd consecutive year and they are thanking us, the main consumers in supporting them. I do eat a lot in McDonald's so I should take reward also =)

Alright, hard to believe so I wake up early with my wife and visited the nearest McDonald's that serve breakfast. We ordered up a cup of Milo and a Hash Brown, my most favourite. The bill ended up RM7 with tax and we got two big breakfast shown above! It's true and we munched our ways! Since the photos is up, a little review then. I basically love McDonald's breakfast, mainly because their quality is consistent. You will expect exactly the same breakfast every corner in Malaysia. The eggs are well mixed & cooked, buns and soft and buttered, meat patty is tasty enough. No surprises and I eat it either separately or putting everything togethet as a burger and munch away. Both is giving different satisfaction, but it's nice!

For info, a big breakfast easily cost RM10 above each, so go figure. Point to note is the the free big breakfast does not come with any drinks, it's ala carte plate only. They expect you to buy drinks, therefore the RM5 minimum payment. Reasonable enough.

The big breakfast also come with my favourite hash brown. I ordered another one, so total of three is served. I'm always big on potato, and Hash Brown is one of my favourite. I've also got a pack of Hash Brown in my freezer, fry one when hunger for one to kill the desire, haha. Review again, the hash brown is crazy crispy, best eaten when it's hot. The potato is so tasty marinated and there is no single spot of overcooking of the entire piece. Such a good control in McDonald's.

To me, I always hated McDonald's because their burgers really not delicious. It's so dry and tasteless, comparing to KFC's burger, Wendy's or other fastfood outlet. I'm not sure why people eat burgers in McDonald's. However, they have really good potatoes, including the french fries and the Hash Brown. Because of these two, I will still go back and patronise McDonald's. Hope they keep up with the quality.

As I'm still taking photograph, my wife already finishing her plate! Hehe ...

My favourite, the golden Hash Brown from McDonald's. I walloped two of them that day, it's so good that I think I alone can eat 5 pieces.

Saw a couple that ordered a takeaway family breakfast set. Why order the family breakfast set when you can spend RM5 and get two big breakfast for free?? I really don't understand. Maybe they love the packing, but still, why??

When we are leaving, look at the people lining up at the counter. Basically McDonald's operating style is to make the food when it's ordered to ensure freshness and minimise wastage. But there is no ordering that day. The kitchen staff just keep churning out big breakfast! That's nice.

You can redeem the promotion at out McDonald's outlet that serves breakfast and they are open from 4am till 11am. It's so cheap, I'm suggesting to a friend of mine to eat once at 4am then eat again near 11am. Save on lunch =P Here is the coupon or you can find out the details in the link here.

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