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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Lease of Life

I'm always of the impression that there is a big change in spending pattern of the new generation in everything. One particular item that got me scratching my head in puzzle is the handphone. Lots of young people are willing to spend over RM2,000 for the latest model like iPhone or Blackberry or HTC, when the phone itself might be their one month salary.

It's alright to buy what heart desire for all the hard works but for an item that depreciates faster than a car, where are the senses? The latest handphone model can be easily worth less than half of the value after a year, which we are talking about 50% depreciation. That means you will need almost 12 years to have your money to appreciate 50% by investing in Fixed Deposit of current 3.7% rate. Crazy? Your call.

For me, I'm never willing to spend more than RM1,000 for a hanpdhone, that's my limit. I'm a gadgeteer so I still love the latest model as well, and with that budget there is actually lots of choice. As said, latest model will depreciate half of the cost in the 1st year, then why not take advantage of that and get a 2nd hand phone?

I'm currently using the Jan 2007 model of Dopod D810 which I bought 2nd hand at RM800 last 2 years ago, which means at 2008. Dopod D810 is the prime smartphone model selling at RM2,700 with a non-functional GPS in its glory time. I saved up RM1,900 by delaying my desire for a year! I searched online and found an upgrade to activate the GPS, a real bargain. I think this piece is worth around RM300 only now. Imagine the phone depreciate RM1,900 after the 1st year and RM500 over the 2nd & 3rd year.

Some screenshots of the original Windows Mobile 5.5 that's pre-installed for the Dopod D810.

Thanks to the programmers from XDA Developers, they have been working very hard to develop ROM upgrade for smartphone even old one like Dopod D810. The latest revision is Windows Mobile 6.5 that's running on Manila Touch 2D that's similar to the trademark Touch3D in latest HTC model. Anyhow as when recently I'm tired & bored with my Dopod Interface, the XDA given my old machine a new lease of life with the new ROM. I reckon with the recent ugprade, I don't mind sticking to it for another year =) Nice.

My current new interface of Dopod D810, loving it.

For those out that loves gadget but the new model seems always out of budget, I've some recommendation. Why not try out Sony Ericsson Xperia or HTC Hero? Both of these are selling less than RM1,000 for used unit, do some search, I'm sure you can find something for yourself. Cheers.

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