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Monday, August 23, 2010

Green View Restaurant @ PJ

It's been almost a week since my last post, getting very busy recently due to work load. However, I've been active with my personal lifestyle, with almost 9 outstanding post, approximately a post for each day. A little crazy, and I'm eating lots of food over the last week. Trying to get it all up here.

First to come is the famous Green View Restaurant located nearby the SS2 roundabout (Rothman's roundabout, I like to call it SS2 roundabout though). Prawn lover will never miss this place, but it's only my 2nd attempt. Unforgettable experience in my first visit, I suggested to my wife for a Friday dinner, just almost a few weeks after my 1st attempt. Green View is so famous that it's all packed with people and taking up 3 shops along the road side, most recognisable landmark from the SS2 roundabout.

The Green View Restaurant that's located nearby SS2 roundabout. It's famous and with this location, the food won't be cheap but it is still packed with people. The owner is definitely multi-millionaire with each table spending over hundreds for a dinner. Read on =)

A shot of the restaurant when we are leaving at 9.46pm and it's still basically almost fully packed. 2 of the shoplots are air-conditioned while another shop is not. Most of the people are around the air-conditioned area, enjoying the food and sipping red wine. Bloody incredible.

For those that dont know where / what is Green View Restaurant, it's basically a specialty house that served very very famous & delicious Sang Har Mee (Prawn Mee). Of course, this place served more than that ranging from normal fried rice to all kind of seafoods. However, the specialty still the Sang Har Mee. Above shown the important supplement to the Sang Har Mee, the Pickled Green Chili.

My wife asked me, take so many, can finish meh? I don't bother to reply, mainly because she don't know how to eat chinese food! Sang Har Mee must eat together with the pickled green chili, it's like oxygen to humanoid! Anyway, let's go on.

Here come our main highlight of the night. Sang Har Mee for two that's priced at RM 58.00. However, I'm reading other bloggers that mentioned the smallest portion cost only RM 38.00 but I told the owner that I wanted a big one for two person. Reason being I didn't enjoy or had enough for my 1st visit! A big one will fit both of us nicely, I think =)

My wife asked why I don't order something else to try out, I don't reply also. That's for her to find out after she started eating. Hehe ...

The plate is served with lots of Sang Mee, and not the usual type of yee mee that you can find at other outlet. The Sang Mee is very crispy and it's topped with a super crazily sinful Sang Har sauce that contained most of the prawn flavour!! You see, my mum's family is born fishermen and we always get lots of fresh seafood, especially those gigantic prawn that's reserved for family only. My dad always order it and cook for us. The most important in eating gigantic prawn is the flavour of the prawn itself that's so big & strong, till it can simmered into sauce / oil that's cooking it! This piece of art here did just that and imagine having all those sauce filled with prawn taste covering the yummilicious Sang Mee! It's Heaven like, and wait till the next shot.

The incredible Gigantic Fresh Prawn (Sang Har). Our plate is served with four of them! One is definitely good, but two of them will make you smiling as you sank your teeth into it, knowing there is another one waiting =) It's very very fresh and springy texture as well. This piece of Sang Har definitely match our family reserved only gigantic prawn that we are having. Want to know what fishermen family is eating? Try this!

My wife particularly don't really enjoy this, because she said the prawn is too big and it's a little rough on texture. She enjoyed the Sang Mee with the sauce though! Just forget about her and try it yourself, that's what I do =) hehe...

I peeled the prawn and take a shot of this just to make you drool. By just looking at it is making me feel like driving over now for another plate!

Just look at the size of the prawn. It took me a while just to savour the sauce around the whole body. I normally don't eat the head, because it's not healthy. But I cleared it off this time. The sauce is the main driving force here, and the mixture of the sauce with the red liquid is heaven like. Nothing I've eaten is like it before! Imagine holding up the prawn head, pour some sauce on it and sip it off from the shell itself together with the red liquid! Speechless ...

I took this to show my wife that I DO manage to finish off the pickled green chili. She don't want to talk to me after that =)

On our way out, I noted this. Somehow their crispy roasted suckiling piglet is also good, I heard. But their other specialty and famous is crab as well. I've yet to try, shall return with a bigger army next time to conquer it!

As we are walking out, I showed my wife the bill totalled to RM 69.86 with 5% + 5% of both service & tax. She nodded her head and said it's quite expensive. I knocked on her head and told her that gigantic prawn in there can easily cause over two hundred if she choose to eat it in a fancy restaurant! Importantly, can you actually find that gigantic prawn in other place? I don't think so! What's the conclusion?

A little pricy for a dinner of two, but worth every cents. Double thumbs up for food quality and I voted this place as the best Sang Har Mee over the whole Malaysia (never try oversea before, so humble a bit). You just have to try out the sauce to know what I'm talking about. I'm going to bring my dad over, he will cry when he eat this =) hehe, my mum is going to kill me ...

Green View Restaurant
No. 6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact No.: 03 7958 1076
Location Coordinate: N3 07.074 E101 37.737

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