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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chemor Villages Restaurant @ Chemor

Another prime food spot in Ipoh, and my duty to present a very good place for Claypot Sang Yu (Claypot Snakehead Fish) or known as Ikan Haruan in Malay.This place is located in Chemor, as the name suggest, Chemor Villages Restaurant. It's almost a 15 minutes drive from Ipoh, considering no traffic congestion condition in Ipoh area =)

The frontage of the new shop for Chemor Villages Restaurant in Chemor, Perak. They used to operate at the side of the road in a hawker type condition, and they have just recently moved to this new place, cleaner, more spacious, and no doubt better environment. Good thing is that they are not charging more expensive that earlier place. Bravo on that.

This place is actually quite far (15 minutes from town) to Ipoh-an eyes, so we don't normally went that far for lunch. My friend loves this place very much, and most of the time I'm eating at this place is with him. No exclusion this time, we were there last two weeks ago.

As we are there, we have our old times favourite, such as this plate of Stir Fried BBQ Roast Pork with Spring Onion. The roast pork is fried and it's crispy then stir fried with dark soy sauce giving a sweet taste.

Claypot Sang Yu or known as Snakehead Fish or Ikan Haruan. This pot is fabulous with its peppery soup. The fish is fresh and heaven like when eat together with the soup. This claypot sang yu is very famous in Chemor, and if you have problem finding the location, I think any local chinese there can point you where is it. Even Ipoh-an should know as well, unless they are not food lovers =)

I just blogged about Steamed Lala in Klang earlier, and this bowl of Lala Soup can easily match up to it. Ipoh is full of good food, so there is no surprise to me. The soup is very deep and rich taste of Lala but it's not good to drink it like soup, it's more like sauce. Eating together with rice is way to go. Do order if you are there. Lala here promised no gritty bit of sands!

Another highlight of the day, but might not be favourite of all. The Stir Fried Pork Intestine, and guess what, this is surprisingly good stuff! If you dare to eat intestine, then by all means, try it out! This is strongly recommended. The instetine is crispy clear and it's best when eaten together with the small bits of deep fried lard served. Not the healthiest dish you can find, but it's very very good.

We left after our lunch on Saturday around 1.00pm and the place is packed. Good thing that they moved to the new shop, can place more tables in it comparing to the old place. More hygienic as well, so thumbs up with the new location, old price and same quality of food!

If you wondering why there is no price indication, that means I didn't pay for it =) My friend did and I didn't ask how much it cost. One thing for sure, it's not expensive, expectable for a restaurant in Ipoh. Budget for RM15 each, you should have more than enough. Give it a try if you are nearby and wondering what to eat for lunch, you will love it. I heard the tofu is good as well.

Chemor Villages Restaurant
Jalan Aman, Chemor.
Tel: +605-201 1033
Location Coordinate: N4 43.097 E101 07.224

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