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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nando's Peri Peri

This time I included a boring post of food from Nando's. Yes, it's a fast food franchise available in Malaysia. Yes, it's not as famous as KFC or McDonald or Pizza Hut. But of all fast food outlets, I voted Nando's as the most healthy fast food outlet, not taking Subway into consideration of course. I used to love the Kenny Rogers, but somehow I read about the gravvy sauce story and that keeps me away from it (occasionally)

I first come across the Nando's during my study in United Kingdom. As we all know, shops in UK don't normally open till late night like Malaysia, except Pubs and Disco. Britains only got 1 entertainment at night, drink beers and tequila! Of course there are also fine dining, but those price in pounds is far out of my reach during my student time. Having fast food outlet serving cheapest food there, obviously it become our favourite hang-out area. McDonald is like hawker place there and the only place that stood out with good ambience and higher class rating is the Nando's.

I got a crazy friend that love the Extra Hot Peri Peri taste from Nando's, so whenever we ask him to give idea what to have for dinner, you can guess the answer. It continues and I'm not sure since when my wife is addicted to it as well. If you haven't know this yet, chilies is proven to assist in reducing cholesterol that in return help in reducing changes of blood clots. Try to look around your friends that love hot & spicy food, they are normally very slim & fit. It's said to help in keeping the metabolism high as well when you are flaming our of your mouth.

Our favourite franchise outlet is in Midvalley. 99% of the time when we eat Nando's would be in Midvalley. We were around the mall for the movie Inception. We walked in without any reservation, and tickets were crazily sold out even after almost 2 months on the big screen. Jaw-dropping, so we crossed our fingers and lined up. When it's out turn, we noticed there are a few empty seats around the middle section and surprise to find such good seat not taken up. Later we found out that someone didn't collected their tickets and it's released for us. Such a good timing!

Off the rail a little, the Inception movie is very good, and no surprise why the tickets were sold-out even after 2 months. The plot is good and there is a review saying the movie is too smart for ordinary people like us. Seriously, I still don't understand the part why the guy passed away in 3rd layer of dream got into Leonardo's dream? It's like hell or something? Anyone?

Ok, back to the food blog =) The outlet in Midvalley just gone through a renovation (mid life facelift?) and it looks and feel much better for diners. Earlier, the place is a little run-down, but now it is still packed and messy. Too many customers, I guess. While waiting, we snapped shots again.

That's my new hair-cut and she is using her "unique" tilted technique that I teached ages ago. Not bad, must be the Canon S90 =) hehe ...

Here come the food. Our favourite and tolerable level is Hot Peri Peri only, and we normally take up half bird with peri chips and rice priced at RM23.90 for sharing. The peri fries is fabulous and rice is exceptionally delicious. The chicken is flame grilled and no gravy is served. The only sauce you have is peri peri. Take it up with the bird, and you will soon running out of water. Find out your own level, then you will enjoy it.

The menu itself is also very rich with information, such as all birds in Nando's is marinated in 24 hours to ensure the flavour is absorbed before flame grill it to perfection.

The four type of sauce on the table, tomato sauce, garlic peri peri, hot peri peri, and extra hot peri peri. My favourite, the hot peri peri. Good for health =)

Bottomless Iced Lemon Tea priced at RM5.90. It's noted no sharing is allow, but hell to it. We always order one glass and share. We assured the waitress that we won't refill over 3 times, works like charm =) hehe ...

As said, this fast food is one of the healthiest thing you can find out there. So if you are opting for some chickens and fast food for your family, why not consider Nando's? It's delicious and keep you guys healthy at the same time. A little pricy comparing to others, but it's much worth it without the fats & cholesterol. Pure protein and some blood pumping experience, works for me.

Other choice of food recommended is such as Espetada that won't fail to attract crowd's attention and Peri Platter for friends' feasting with hefty price.

Opening Time: 10.00am till 10.00pm
Outlet Location:


TNS said...

"Try to look around your friends that love hot & spicy food, they are normally very slim & fit. "

this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!! i like hot and spicy but still fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KVINLIM said...

AGREED! the only soup that I eat is TOM YAM and I also fat!!!! bugger!!

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