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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa @ Ipoh

I am a Ipoh guy so naturally I received lots of questions on what & where is the good food in Ipoh. I did mapping for my friends from time to time and this particular place deserves an extra highlight. I'm going to show you the best Tau Fu Fa in the town. There is nothing comparable in KL or Malaysia, so far.

The shop open up in the morning and this is the usual sight at the front of the shop. It's a drive, eat and pay system. All cars will be lining up and wait for their turn, while the kids will run around serving the food.

This shop is crazily famous for its soya & tau fu fa, and the name of the shop is Funny Mountain Soya Bean. That's a funny name, but it doesn't matter when the food is that good. No need to mention the name, all ipoh mari will know this tau fu fa shop. My dad told me that this shop has been around when he is still a boy, that's almost 40-50 years ago. Nice.

A sight of the kids serving the lazy driver in the shop. They serve to your car and you eat it in the comfort of your air-condition environment. A definitely no-no to car lovers, but when the family involved, everything also ok. You can opt to take away as well, and it might be faster if you take a walk and order in-shop, if you can find a parking around.

A view shot of the shop. A very small layout but there is never no car lining up everytime I go. They sell till finish, and normally I don't see them anymore after 4pm.

My wife is crazy about their Tau Fu Fa above, ever since I brought her there once. Now everytime we go back Ipoh, this is a must stop for her, never miss so far or she will kill me. What so special, you might ask. I've never been able to find any place in KL or in Malaysia that serves better Tau Fu Fa than them. The Tau Fu Fa is soooooo smoooooth and taste good. Same the soya bean, very very smooth and rich in taste. I can't explain it in words, try it out yourself, and don't think of missing it if you happen to be in Ipoh.

It's located just along the Ah Wong Nga Choy Kei (Ah Wong Beansprout & Chicken), not really hard to find. It's cheap so don't bother asking price. My friends do take away back to KL, you tell me if it's that extreme =)

Funny Mountain Soya Bean & Tau Fu Fa
49, Jalan Theatre
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Location Coordinate: N4 35.684 E101 05.067


TNS said...

my fav

TNS said...

and, if u go back again, pls tapau for me

KVINLIM said...

serious? give me your number, i call if i'm back there =) pm me in IA

TNS said...

i might go to ipoh next sat, u ard?

KVINLIM said...

nah, lots to do in KL, might travel to JB for work though. you from ipoh?

TNS said...

ya, jalan ipoh

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