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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Italiannies Pasta, Pizza & Vino

It's been a long time since I met my ex-colleagues. Got a chance to meet them up and we decided to take it up at somewhere between our working place, the Empire Subang. Strategically located, and lots of food in there. However I personally don't really like the place, the food there is plenty but mostly are generic franchise available in other shopping mall. It does not provide a good shopping experience as well, I mean it's pale comparing to Sunway Pyramid in terms of variety & scale, so I don't see the reason I should go there.

Anyway we got there at the wrong time, buka puasa. Our first choice of Rakuzen is packed, and our second choice of Chilies is also packed. We walked over to Itallianies and surprisingly half of the restaurant is empty. Hungry stomach and we are not willing to wait, so here we go.

Didn't manage to snap a photo of Itallianies, so I posted a photo of my ex-colleagues =) Just the three of us, others are mostly overseas or outstation. The company that I worked earlier is quite small, so we are very close to each other. It's hard to find such work friendship around anymore, just keeping it up and running. Nice. We are cows, so let's see what we got for food.

Both of them ordered the Grape Shake at RM8.50 each. Funny enough with the name and they actually said it's quite nice. It should be better if it's Strawberry Shake, which is also available. Didn't know Itallianies serve these.

For me, I know we are going to have a long seat taking our time to catch up with each other's life, I took up the bottomless 7-Up at RM6.80. Nothing healthier in the list, so no choice. They don't serve water, unless you choose to take up Acqua Pana 500ml at RM9.90. Funny.

Remember Italiannies motto? "Our food is designed for sharing", and we ordered 4 main dishes for the 3 of us!! Let's go.

Alright, first to come is the Garlic Chicken Pizza priced at RM29.90. It's quite funny choice, because the original Classic Pizza that we ordered is not available. I normally don't fancy thin crust pizza, so no exception to this. Overall, it's quite good but I still prefer to Classic Pizza, maybe because of the Capsicum? Hehe ...

Second up is the Lasagna Chicken priced at RM32.90. It's not one of my favourite because I think the layer is too thick and the chicken is killing it. The normal serving with beef is much better but my friend don't eat beef, so no choice. Overall the sauce is good only it should be better if it's served with beef. I enjoyed it though, just one of my favourite Italy food, so no complain =)

Then my favourite of the day, the Seafood Risotto priced at RM30.90. The mussel is good, the prawn & squid is incredible, but the main highlight is the italian rice! The Arborio rice simmered in white wine and cooked till wet & soggy. Exceptional sensation to your tastebud, but some may not like it due to the texture of the serving. While others are complaining it's too salty, but I just love it.

This should be our appetizer but it came last. The Quattro Platter priced at RM25.90. Three of us and 4 main dishes, yea, it's crazy. We are full like hell but we nearly finished everything. This plate served a combination of Deep Fried Risotto Balls, Calamari, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Zucchini Fritte. It's served together with Marinara sauce & Alfredo dressing for dipping. I love the Alfredo dressing and I almost finished the entire serving. It's not bad, but just remembre to ask them to serve the appetizer first and only serve the rest after you signal them. Wondering what kind of Italy dining experience they are talking about when they just throw everything out on the table.

After all that, that little girl suddenly craze for a piece of cake! After all that food! Crazy fella, she took up the Cheese Cake and it's nothing to shout at comparing to Secret Recipe's. Forget about dessert in Italiannies, just stick to their motto. Order large set and share among your friends for traditional Italy dining experience.

The entire dinner is totalled to RM192.30. It's quite expensive, because we ordered a lot! For this price, I think we got better choice out there. Didn't know that food quality in Italiannies has deteriorate and become so expensive. I didn't find the portion is very big though. I remember earlier they do serve free bread with vinegar in One Utama, but not here. Wondering why the different, maybe that's why it's empty? Anyway, this should be my last time in Italiannies, unless my next trip is a good experience.

Italiannies Pasta, Pizza & Vino
Opening Time: 10.00am till 10.00pm
Outlet Location:


Wai said...

the one in 1U is the best. better ambience and service also not bad. How come they dont serve the bread? weird..

TNS said...

wah, ur colleague very the cute

KVINLIM said...

1U and the curve is good, but not the empire subang branch. maybe because it's buka puasa, not sure.

my colleague cute? one of my friend has two definition for cute, either adorable cute or funny cute ... which one? hehe

TNS said...

ok, half cute

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