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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Canon S90 Correct Setting

I've been going through my own blog and noticed that the photos quality from Canon S90 is not exactly good. Not really bad but it's pale in comparison to my Nikon D90. I've already set the setting of Canon S90 to vivid setting and let the DIGIC IV to do the smart part in adjusting the rest. Apparently it does not ended up very well.

I usually check on the LCD screen to make sure the final output is right, but I think the Canon S90 LCD is deceptive, There are many occasions that I thought it's good, but the result on computer shows differently. I did a quick search, nothing is mentioned about deceptive display of Canon S90. However, I think it's correctable, just don't rely on the LCD anymore. I did a comparison test below.

*if you noticed, I just photoshop my Nando's post to make it looks "presentable"

This shot is taken with my Nikon D90, I set mine to aperture priority, vivid setting and let the machine did the rest. Fabulous shot coupled with my trusty Nikon 50mm f1.8 lens. Beautiful, that's something I would want my Canon S90 to present. Let's adjust the setting to get the same result then.

Ok, first shot taken, and it's boring. I set mine to aperture priority, vivid setting and let Canon S90 do the same. Obviously the Canon S90 is not very smart. It's not bad, it set-up the white balance correctly. Just that it's not my cup of tea, I prefer something more, dramatic, like my Nikon D90.

Ok, this time I tweaked the setting to custom and boost up the saturation & contrast to maximum. I manually adjusted the white balance to give in some mood. It looks much better, but still a little off from the quality from Nikon D90.

3rd setting, as earlier setting is not very good, I boosted the saturation higher by adjusting manually on the red, green, blue settting a level up notch. The result is a little over, but definitely something need to be adjusted to get better photos with the good Canon S90.

With the new setting, I took a trial with the shot below. It's much better, that's the shot I'm looking for. Let's see how well it goes in my future shooting experience in Canon S90.

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