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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ah Loong Grilled Fish (Crabs) Seafood Restaurant @ Kepong

There is this place that served the one of the best grilled crab in the soil and I always wanted to share it with all of you but it's located so far away and I couldn't frequent the place as much as I wish. Last week finally we have some free time and I grab my camera to get it cover for you guys.

I'm sure KL people are well aware of the Kepong area, and it is particularly famous with its grilled seafood. I'm not local to that area but I've been recommended on this particular restaurant, Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant that's sandwiched between a good row of grilled seafood restaurant.

Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant is a typical chinese run-down restaurant at the uptown of KL but continuously pouring out extremely good food. The restaurant layout is small but they make full use of the open space behind the shop (where I'm photographing) to squeeze in easily 30 over tables.

This is how it is typically looks like when you decide to pay them a visit on the weekend. Most of the tables are located open space, so you wouldn't want to come here if it's raining. When we reached by 8.30pm, the crowd is scary. It's on the weekend of course, but still the crowd continues filling all the tables till 10.00pm. Not all the tables belong to Ah Loong of course, but there are still a spectacular numbers that's belong to them. From the crowd, I'm sure you already know how good is this place. Let's go.

We made our order and waited for quite a while. The serving here is actually quite fast, depending on what you are ordering. Asking for grilled crab will takes a much longer time comparing to other dish, as they have limited grilled area. I've warned you but it's worth the wait, trust me. How long I've waited for our portion of grilled crab? Not longer than 1 hour...

We got ourselves a large orange juice to kill the thirst and it's keeping us afloat while waiting for our food. This glass of fruit juice cost RM6.00. Standard price everywhere, no problem.

First to come is the common fried rice that's priced at RM6.00 only. We ordered for a single person and the serving is huge! We check the price, RM6.00 is correct, but the portion is crazy! Go anywhere and order a fried rice that's RM6.00 that can match the size of this plate, I dont think you can find any out there. The fried rice is good, somehow we fancy friend rice when eating crabs, possibly influence from fatty crabs earlier. Nothing spectacular but you can skip the white rice and order this. It's good.

Next to come, we get into a little adventurous this time and took the recommended Yin-Yang Tofu priced at rather hefty RM24.00. If you are not someone that fancy Tofu then I don't recommend this dish. The white tofu is cold and quite raw in taste. The prawns served are also quite raw in taste. My wife basically didn't touch the white tofu and I have to wallop everything. That's a big tofu for a single person! While the black tofu is something more decent.

The colour looks a little scary but it's easier to eat. The cheesy buttered sauce that's served together help adding the flavour to the good black tofu. What is it made of? I'm not sure, but it's a nice plate of adventure for those that haven't try. For that price, I rather go get another plate of crabs!

After a long long wait and we are finally also complaining, the boss know that we are waiting for a long time, so everything I turn my head to them, they tell me it's coming. Small gesture, but at least I know that we are not forgotten.

Finally the grilled crabs are served and it's beautiful. Minimal order of crabs in this place is two crabs so we ask them for smaller one. This plate cost us RM38.00, reasonable charges to me. For grilled crabs, the colour of crabs served is fantastic showing that it's not overcooked and a check on the meat texture, it's not undercooked as well. It's done just perfectly well and the smell is irresistible. The crabs served are of salty taste, suppose to be some kind of marinate before grille and it's very delicious.

To me, most important point of eating crab is to make sure the crab served is fresh. How to identify? Basically for fresh crab, the meat wouldn't stick to the shell and the meat is still juicy. And that's what you will be expecting from this place. Fresh juicy, salty grilled crabs, it's so good that I nearly voted them serving the best crabs in Malaysia. I love the simple salty and sauceless style of cooking that allow me to taste exactly how the crabs suppose to taste. Maybe I'm a little exaggerated, but it's very nice. As said, good food is hard to describe in words and it's the same here. Everything goes together so well that me and my wife will just travel around the KL to this place for another bite. Try it out, but please prepare to wait, it will takes a while.

The bill totalled up to RM70.00 for both of us and as expected, there is no tax or whatsoever in this place. We normally don't mind having an expensive dinner but we are both equally disappointed with the Yin-Yang Tofu. For that price, we can easily order another grilled fish that guarantee more satisfying experience. Anyhow, the grilled crabs still manage to shut our mouth for the day and keep a smile as when we are travelling back home. This place serves much more than grilled crabs, and you can basically order everything recommended on the menu, I guarantee a special dining experience. We didn't order because there are only two of us. Given a choice, we will feast at this restaurant! Other highlights are such as grilled fish, salted egg crabs, kam heong crabs, fish steamed in nyonya style, lala soup, stir-fried four heavenly king, mussels, fried pig intestine, and etc. The list is endless, talk to the lady boss there, she will recommend.

Nearly forgotten, double thumbs up!

Ah Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant
Lot 12-14 Jalan Kelab
Jinjang Utara
52000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 386 2832
Location Coordinate: N3 12.743 E101 39.495


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