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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dragon-i Signature @ Pavillion KL

We are visiting Pavillion earlier and decided to dine in the Dragon-i Signature restaurant located at the lower ground floor. If you would have notice, this place is exclusive with the name "Signature" and as you can guess, the food & price is also premium here. If not how to afford the higher rental in Pavillion right?

We are just longing for the traditional Dragon-i's food therefore we stick to the usual routine of ordering in usual Dragon-i restaurant around the whole Kuala Lumpur. A glance into the menu, and immediately you will notice additional food served, main addition to the premium restaurant is the family-sharing dish for family dining. Most of the tables within the restaurant is round, strongly indicating family union dining experience, but as you can guess, the price is premium as well.

The entrance into the Dragon-i Signature is the usual corridor decoated in major dark colour with stripes of red decoration to bring out the chinese culture. Dimmed lighting and it's always a good welcoming ambience for a fine dining. Move in then you notice the different immediately.

Interior of the Dragon-i Signature restaurant is obviously different from the usual franchise, as you can see multiple round tables are set-up for family dining. Chinese saying of dining table must be in round shape, usually indicating chinese way of equal food sharing for all diners and also most important element of full rounded family reunion during dinner. That's the major different from Western culture.

All right, now come to food, let's see what is our normal favourite order.

First to come is the XO Style Prawn Carrot Cake priced at RM12.00 that you shouldn't miss. It's a little pricy for a small plate of carrot cake but it's a must order for anyone. It's the most delicious carrot cake no matter where you go. Enough said, best carrot cake I've ever eaten.

Next up is the special Seafood Sour and Spicy Ramen priced at RM13.00. A healthy choice of food and my sisters love it so much that they will order is everytime they go Dragon-i. Origin from Sze Chuan, the sauce is sour and a little spicy. Seafood is plentiful and the ramen is also crazy delicious. I personally think it's a little too sour, but it's good for sharing. To have the whole bowl for myself, I doubt I can finish it.

Signature dish of Dragon-i and it's made famous to all Malaysian since the Dragon-i open its door, the Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling (Xiao Long Pao) priced at RM9.80 per basket. We ordered three basket and still manage to finish everything. It's by far the best Xiao Long Pao I've ever tried, and the specialty is the skin is crazy smooth & thin with delicious meat and soup within. Each Xiao Long Pao is hand made through glass wall for all diners to witness and the signature 18 plaits shaped in pagoda jewel alike.

Way of eating is simple, take up the Xiao Long Pao by it's tip top and rest it on your spoon. Puncture the the skin and enjoy the soup within first. Then dip the Xiao Long Pao with a dab of black vinegar and complete the spoon with a few slivers of fresh ginger. The taste is incredible and not to mention the experience. For those have tried, you know what I meant. For those that yet to try, go try it out now.

Then we ordered the Steamed Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Chinese Sausage Bucket priced at RM18.00 for sharing as well. Everything in the wooden basket is simple but yet they compliment each other so well. The chinese sausage, steamed chicken, vegetables, rice and the sauce. It's delicious and I will take this anytime, the sauce is the killer actually, not the mention the smooth steamed chicken.

Finally, I decided to try something special called Seafood Fried Mixed Rice on Hot Stone Bowl that's priced at RM22.00. Seafood, I'm not sure where is it. The five types of rice served is crazily delicious served incredibly hot. The hot stone bowl keeps the whole experience good. There is not much meat, not much taste, but I love it. It's those type of healthy food that you don't mind having another spoon, exactly what I'm looking for. Love it.

Total bill summed up to RM130.00 including 10% service tax and 6% government tax for the eight of us. If you notice, the dishes here are a little more expensive than the usual franchise restaurant, but the food is truly fabulous. It's by far one of the best Chinese cuisine I truly recommend. There are other choices that serve Chinese Cuising but I love Dragon-i the most. Good food is what makes me continue writing.

Dragon-i Signature
Lot 1.13, Level 1
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2143 7688
Fax: +603 2143 7588
Opening Time: 11.00am till 10.00pm

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