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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swedish Meatballs @ IKEA Malaysia

Alright, eventually after I collected my running kit earlier in e@Curve, we couldn't decide on what to eat for the evening. It's not very often we venture into Mutiara Damansara area as it's actually quite far from my house, so we decided to eat something that's not available other than Mutiara Damansara area.

Where else got IKEA in Malaysia? Unfortunately no where else, and that's exactly where we are heading that evening. IKEA for dinner? Curry puff? For those that haven't try out their Food Court, you better read through.

We move into the building and skip everything by turning right just right after the escalator that lead us up to the showroom area. You will see a bypass door on the right side, cross it and immediately you will notice the IKEA Food Court located at the corner of the area. Here is a view of the entrance and the full menu as well with price indicated. They even have Nasi Ayam in Swedish restaurant, phew.

You know how annoyed I am when I'm not allow to take photograph of a place that I wanted to photograph in a free country? Once I step into the food ordering area, I starting taking photographs, and the stupid waitress behind the counter started shouting. So rude, can IKEA has the courtesy ask someone to walk over and tell me properly? Stand behind the counter, and shout across all the customers to tell me to stop taking photos. Wondering what they are going to do if I continue, but not making a big deal with them as I'm with my wife. Just wanted a quiet dinner, so I keep my camera away till I clear the line.

Things that I don't understand, (1) what's there to lose by taking photograph of their restaurant? Someone going to copy their way of serving food and become so famous and steal their customers? (2) Someone going to copy their recipe? I'm sure customers can always take-away the food. (3) my thinking is that the serving is so bad, that they worry people will blog and publicise their bad way of serving foods like in prison. All food pre-prepare and scoop down onto plates just like those you watch in the movie. (4) or else can't think of any other reasons.

Not to say the food is bad, but it's not delightful way of seeing it done, some people think it's new experience, very exciting for them. But I'm always skeptical about restaurant that don't allow people to take photograph.

Read on.

Move into the dining place, and good thing is you will immediately notice some familiar furniture all around. Here, you can test all their dining tables and chairs, even the lightings and etc. Hey, that's great idea. The food court is huge and it's always fill with people, I'm not sure why. People finished their food but just linger around there like mamak place, maybe they are waiting for their other half shopping in IKEA instead.

Now come to food.

The signature dish of the IKEA Food Court, the Swedish Meatball with Fries priced at RM10.60. There are three size of servings for this meatballs plate, either 5 meatballs, 10 meatballs or 15 meatballs. We obviously ordered the 10 meatballs and trust me, it's more than enough portion for a man my size. The meatballs are beef meat and it's actually ok only, but the twist come from the thick gravy cream sauce and the lingonberries sauce they put in. It's not very sightful serving, but it's crazily delicious with a mixture of both sauces. Cut the meatball into half, dip it fully into the cream sauce then pick up some lingonberries sauce on the way, it's sinful way of eating. Before you knew it, you left a few more meatballs only and every bite is a precious for you, not to mention the lessening of sauce by every bite you take.

These meatballs are just so great that I will come back to IKEA whenever I drop by just to take a taste on the meatballs again. Forget about the curry puff, this is the only thing you should order here. Swedish meatballs, where you can find in Malaysia? Yes, only IKEA Malaysia.

Dining with my wife, so she wouldn't be ordering the same thing, and she took up the Baked Salmon priced at RM15.79. Now that's a weird pricing, why RM15.79?? How is the salmon? As I said earlier, forget about everything and try only their meatballs. The sauce is erm, funny. The vegetables are raw and the potatoes are hard & tasteless. Salmon is not bad but killed by problem mentioned. Just stick to the meatballs, Ikea don't cook other stuff very well.  And if you insist, Fish & Chips is the best bet, I think.

Good thing is, the dinner is relatively cheap. We only paid a total of RM22.00 including a free flow of soft drink that's priced at RM1.59 only. Cheapest soft drink you can find in any Food Court. I think the taxes are included in the price already, if not why the weird numbers right. Finally I'm serious about the Swedish Meatballs, that's why I wrote it in the title. How many times I mentioned? Oh, just for the final time, FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE, AND TRY THE SWEDISH MEATBALLS ONLY! I read somewhere that there are pork meatballs in IKEA Singapore, damn!

IKEA Malaysia Food Court
No. 2 Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Opening Time: 10.00am till 10.00pm (extended to 11.00pm on Friday, Saturday and eve Public Holidays)
Tel: +603 7726 7777
Fax: +603 7726 6255


TNS said...

damn beef, cant eat

KVINLIM said...

Go Singapore lo, got pork there ma ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KVINLIM said...

Sad to have angry reader, this is a happy blog, I'm not here to contest for best english, but purely to share my thoughts in my best way. I didn't say that I have excellent command of english, but for others that read this, I think they get my message. I'm only commenting on weird price tag, not the expensive price. I follow the rules of the house, but it's rude for "service provider" to shout at customer from faraway. As if I know photograph is not allow?

Finally, this is my blog. If you are not happy, go find your own life. I will continue to delete comments that I don't like. House rules =)

Anonymous said...

had the same experience as yours,was shouted in front of customers while snapping photo via iphone..felt humiliated.At that moment i feel like slapping/shouting back at the cashier for being an idiot.What baffles me was that there was no indication or signage about photography in ikea's foodcourt.

However negative, this experience has inspired me into opening my own restaurant selling meatball with multiple meat flavors in cyberjaya.

KVINLIM said...

yes, very rude of them. Eventually they never change, still shouting. Where is the customer service? I might be at fault for snapping photos, but they don't even have the courtesy to tell properly. Again I stress, why they don't allow anyone to take photos??

Anonymous said...

Don't think you should judge swedish cooking in general being at an Ikea mall. Swedish cooking is great even if you exclude the meatballs. /A swedish guy in KL

KVINLIM said...

My apology, corrected it to Ikea instead =)

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