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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ireland's Potato

We are wandering around the megamall and suddenly crave for some snacks before heading for our next schedule, and we stumble upon this place. I'm always a big lover to potato and of course this place will never escape my sensitive radar, The Ireland's Potato. I just couldn't resist not to try it out.

Here is the entrance of the Ireland's Potato first outlet located in Midvalley Megamall. By the time of my writing, there are 3 outlets with the others located in Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid.

As you can guess, the main highlight of this outlet is Potatoes. It claimed they serves the original Irish Potato and knowing nothing about Irish Potato here, I just got to try it out. There are not much choice but a few choice of sauces to go with the potato, easily explaining that it's a snacking place. However, the price explain otherwise. Read on.

The dining area set-up is small, simple yet elegant. There are some limited comfy low chairs around the area for a long seat, but it's a snack place, where you wouldn't spend too much time in this place. At least it doesn't encourage you to do so.

The kitchen area is open-concept and you basically can see exactly how your food is being prepared, and if you notice, it's very clean as well. Small and functional, much better than other snacking outlet. A plus point from me.

We made our order and take a seat beside the kitchen for a better view of what you are going to eat. It's quite a long wait of about 15 minutes when the outlet is empty.

We are a little hungry, so I took up the set menu that's priced at RM15.90. Included in the menu set is a box of potato with sauce of choice, a box of chicken balls, and a cup of drinks. I'm actually a little surprise with the pricing, but as a blogger, I'm out to try everything. With that price, I set the expectations very high, but a little disappointed. Let's go to the chicken balls first, I'm not sure why it's in the menu in the first place. It's just a normal chicken ball that you can find anywhere. It's obviously not the highlight and no reason for you to eat chicken balls from this place, especially at that price. There are easily 15-20 balls in the box, and I still don't know why it's in the menu.

Let's move to the real deal, potatoes.

For the sauce, I made the choice of Honey Mustard because I have a thing with mustard, don't ask. Take a bite, and immediately you will notice the potatoes are different. It's not local grown and I think it's imported because it does taste different. Ironically rather than calling it a potatoes specialist, might as well call it french fries specialist, but they couldn't because they are from Irish, right? The honey mustard sauce is nice and you basically really need the sauce to finish up the potatoes. Not to say it's not good, but the potatoes fries are thick and it's a little dry. Sauce does compliment the fries nicely, but how is it overall? I rate it ok only, not fabulous. Possibly I set my expectations high, but for that price, they can't blame me.

Funny thing the outlet claimed everywhere they are originated from Irish, and there is this famous quote saying in Ireland, there are two things in the world that can't be joked, 1st is marriage and the 2nd is potato. Really? I did a more detailed search online and found out that this outlet is originally from Hong Kong. It's franchise out to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and etc. So call Irish Potato, ptui. I hate it when they pretend to be something else. Just tell the truth, don't trick consumers into thinking they are eating Irish potatoes please, as it will only last a month of hip in the age of technology. Can you imagine you meet an Irish friend and tell him the proverb, and his surprising facial looks?

Overall, I think the pricing is ridiculous for snacking. You can basically get a full plate of spaghetti from nice western restaurant anywhere and it's only for the potatoes here and the ridiculous chicken balls? Crazy enough and I'm not sure how they are going to sustain their bussiness. However, the spread of the franchise in multiple countries suggest otherwise. Despite all that, it's a nice potato fries they have there. Just that I cannot agree on the pricing. Your choice.

Ireland's Potato
LG-211 The Gardens
Mid Valley City

Lingakaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Time: 10.00am till 10.00pm


Cindy said...

What an ignorant statement. The potatoes could have been imported from Ireland for all you know. L'Oreal is a French company but their a lot of their products are made in China. It does not make them any less "French".

KVINLIM said...

Thanks for the info and I'm sure that you must be related to Ireland's potatoes. Would be really glad that if you can share the origin and specialty of this franchise with us to avoid misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

How to get the franchise ?

KVINLIM said...

No idea, and I wont bother because it's not nice =P

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