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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dragon One @ Ipoh

There are these Shanghainese restaurants sprouting all around KL over the last 2 years and everyone know how Shanghai Dumpling taste like. The same is happening in Ipoh and my mum brought me over to try out this Ipoh very own Shanghainese restaurant named Dragon One. Yea, the name is a little of copy cat to i-Dragon but that's just the English name. Their chinese name is more meaningful, and it's definitely creative.

Since the opening of this restaurant, it has been drawing crowds and my parents are part of the group that love their food very much. Let's see how they fare agaisnt the giant player in KL.

Dragon One opened its restaurant right in the middle of the famous De Garden in Ipoh, and that's the hottest place in Ipoh as when I'm writing. If you are looking for Korean food, Pappa Rich, Tutti Fruitti, Japanese food, and etc, it's all here. It's one of the famous hangout place for Ipoh people day and night.

Back to the restaurant, the entrance is facing the main parking area of De Garden and as you can see, it's targetted to local folks. Very heavy chinese styled and decorated, however, it's not that important as we are more concern about the food quality.

Once you step in,  the place is fully air-conditioned with fans in helping the ventilation. Kitchen is hidden and the floor is spacious. All dining tables are dark brown in colour except the soft seating at the side of the walls. Comfortably decorated although it feels a little cheaper than the giant player in KL. Also there are plenty of waitress around attending to your needs.

Small gesture of toothpick and tissue box for every table, just the way I like it. A little more investment, you will actually save on the waitress that you need to hire, more efficient!

This place is famous with its dim sum so first to come is the Black Sesame Dumpling with Peanut Powder priced at RM4.80. It's not a mistake, RM4.80! The black sesame is very nice and the peanut powder adds up nicely but the skin is a little too thick to my liking. If you ask me how to improve it further, make it softer and thinner skin, it should be just perfect! For that price, anytime I will take another plate!

Second to come is my family favourite, the Stuffed Rice Flour Roll with Chinese Croissant and Squid Paste priced at RM6.80. Yea, RM6.80 only for the whole plate! The serving is so plate that I think you will be feel with just this plate for yourself! Lots of exclamation, but that's the price we are having in Ipoh. Love every bit of it. Let's get into the food, the crispy hot chinese croissant is nicely wrapping the squid paste. The rice flour roll is only adding a little syling into the food and dipping the piece into the sauce provided, it's heavenly like. It's so nice that I will come back to this place just for it. You will never find similar plate anywhere else, I only know this restaurant selling it. Must try!

Next to come is my mum's favourite, the Stir Fried Vermicelli with Minced Pork priced at RM8.80. Now this is a little surprise plate as it got capsicum and the vermicelli is more like spaghetti noodles. Put all those together with a chinese stir fried style, it ended up very nicely. The vermicelli with minced pork is very tasty and delicious. My mum finished the plate, nearly.

For more stir-fried plate, here come my favourite of Stir Fried Bean Sheet with Preserved Vegetables priced at RM6.80. The pricing is really killing me, RM6.80, I love Ipoh. For those that hate noodles, this is the plate they are looking for. The transparent thin bean sheet is super nice. The preserved vegetables gives a very nice taste to the overall plate and importantly, it's not oily. I love every bit of healthy food but the the main attraction is still the bean sheet. It's so nice ...

More dim sum to come and we got the Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Spinach priced at RM4.80. Cheap price again, and the dumpling is very big. Prawn is fresh and again same problem, the skin is too thick to my liking. Nothing special, you can skip this and order the rest.

Everywhere got this dish, so Dragon One also. The Steamed Shanghainese Meat Dumpling with Superior Soup priced at RM6.00. So far, if you ask my opinion, nothing beats the i-Dragon for this dish. However, I think only this restaurant in Ipoh serves it now, so for Ipoh people, here is your nearest restaurant if suddenly you have a craving for the Shanghainese Dumpling! Not getting my vote but nice to have it in the menu. At least my mum no need to drive all the way to KL to eat it.

More surprise that this restaurant also serves tong sui and also snow ice bowl. We ordered the Snow Ice Honeydew Sago priced at RM5.90. The ice is a little big as you can see and still it cannot be compare to the famous KTZ desserts in KL, but a nice addition to the menu for a little twist, if you need.

After all those foods, and guess what! The total bill summed up to only RM51.60 including service charges of 10%! The service charge is a little high, but considering the low food pricing, I'm more willing to pay them. That's the price for food in Ipoh, crazily affordable and yummilicious as well. If you are having the same food in KL, I'm sure the bill will ended somewhere above 80 bucks. Rating is good, but with the pricing in Ipoh, it gives a good boast and it's very nice! No need to drive all the way from Penang or KL to try this out, but a nice place for hangout for Ipoh people and those that happen to be in Ipoh for a visit.

My best vote goes to the Stuffed Rice Flour Roll with Chinese Croissant and Squid Paste and it's so nice that the three of us even order another plate! Of course, we couldn't finish it so we take away the remaining and continue the enjoyment at home. A warning, don't take away, it's only nice to eat when serves hot. It's not bad but it's much better when it's fresh.

Dragon One
G-R-15&16 De Garden
3 Persiaran Medan Ipoh
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-5495 393
Fax: 05-5494 405
Opening Time: 12.00pm till 3.00pm, 6.00pm till 11.00pm
Location Coordinate: N4 36.703 E101 07.083

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