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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Taipang Matang (Teochew) Seafood Porridge Restaurant @ Puchong

It's Saturday evening and we are running out of thoughts of what to have for dinner. The night is breezing cold after an evening rain and my wife has a little flu coming, so she suggested something light & easy. She is active in Puchong area and myself usually never set foot into Puchong considering the traffic there. There she repetitively recommended this place that's good with their seafood porridge, and I say why not we have it tonight. Off we go to Puchong.

Taipang Matang Seafod Porridge Restaurant that's located just within the shoplots at Bandar Puteri Puchong. It occupies the ground floor of a corner unit and the floor space is huge! The name on the signboard is a little misleading though, as there is no English, and even the name is in Chinese only. I suspect any other races other than Chinese will actually patronise it for not knowing what they are selling, I think it's a mistake.

However, the menu suggested otherwise. Obviously someone designed the menu for them, as it's creatively English drafted including a Chinese four-words phrase. The photographs are also professsionally done, wondering why other restaurants couldn't even spend a little money on the menu. Looking at those other badly presented foods in the menu urge me to help them take some nice photos for publicity. As those foods that's really nice, they wouldn't even be able to attract anyone to order it if it's not presented nicely in the menu. It's especially true for walk-pass customers, call me for nice photos!

The restaurant occupies the entire ground afloor and once we walk in, wow, it's big! I never thought a single shoplot can be this huge. Can you see they put three round tables and still got room for the kitchen?? Crazily high ceiling also help in the ventilation of the place. The place is not air-conditioned, and with the hot porridge, you will tend to sweat a little. The tables & chairs are comfortable classic chinese marble type in kopitiam, and it's just what Chinese prefers. Obviously the target group.

A simple kitchen with claypot and ingredients laying all around the tables. They even have abalone on the shelf if you fancy some, or else you can always bring your own. It's open kitchen concept, but the idea of watching your food prepared is just wrong in this kind of dinner place, hehe.

I took a peek into the containers, and fresh crab that's still actively moving. I though crabs need some water to survive? I don't know, but it's dry, possibly to avoid damaging the meat texture? Let's go to food now.

First and last to come is a large Claypot Seafood Porridge for 2-person that's priced at erm, complicated. The way of ordering is quite creative. You basically choose how many persons you want, then you top-up whatever thing you fancy. For us, we ordered 2 persons pot with White Prompet Fish and Minced Meat. For fish, it's up to the size and it's charged on weight of their price while minced meat will cost you RM6.00.

This pot of seafood porridge basically cost us around RM50.00 all-in. Expensive? Wait till you see the size in person, it's not that bad considering this pot alone can feed 4 persons.

Once I look at this seafood porridge then I know the owner is Teochew person. Why? I'm Teochew myself and this is exactly how my mum used to cook seafood porridge for the family. She said it's very nice because it's soupy based porridge and I tell her that it's how Teochew Seafood Porridge looks like. So for those that don't know, try it out, that's how we Teochew people eat our seafood porridge.

I strongly recommend this place because the taste that they cooked is exactly same like what my mum cooked! And it's so similar, that I remember sitting at the round table with my family when I'm young eating it. Rice-alike in a soup based porridge with all kind of seafood that my mum got on-hands that time.

My first bowl of Teochew Seafood Porridge. Essential eating style of Teochew Seafood Porridge is to add some pepper, add a little spicy flavour into the porridge and it's crazily delicious. I ate almost 4 bowls that night, too much!

A piece of the White Prompet Fish. After 3 photographs, I've yet to comment on the quality of food served. Most important criteria of Teochew Seafood Porridge is the freshness of the ingredients that you put in. Reason being the rice is tasteless and normally same applies to the soup. So where the taste comes from? From the ingredients, and the fish that they served must be super fresh. I'm very particular with fish as my mother's family are fishermen and we normally eat the freshest seafood in the soil. We had fish almost on daily basis, so I'm a little knowledgeable on that direction.

If the fish is not fresh, then the funny taste will easily flow into the soup and spoil the entire pot. Importantly you eat the fish bare without any seasoning, so you will taste exactly how the fish suppose to taste. For this restaurant, they know what they are doing, and the fish is extremely fresh. I raised my eyebrows on the first bite and told my wife this is restaurant is good! The porridge is great, but some people will love it while some hate the soupy base porridge. It will be a good experience for those that have yet to try a Teochew Seafood Porridge. It's the best and possible only restaurant selling this kind of porridge, as my limited encounter though.

Now my wife love it so much, that she even walloped the last drip of the soup. She is really into Teochew Seafood Porridge, possible because she is half-Teochew now =P hehe ...

The total bill ended up to RM53.00 including a fruit juice drink and there is no whatsoever tax. It's a little expensive, but the portion is crazy huge and I think can easily feed 4 persons. For that freshness of seafood available, I think it's reasonable. So strongly recommended for Teochew Styled Seafood Porridge in this restaurant. I did a search and they are really origin from Taipang Matang, Perak. Venturing so far into the heart of KL and maintaining that good quality of food, that's great. Thanks to them for bringing the Teochew Seafood Porridge into my sensible travel area. Nice, a good add-on to my usual dining place.

Taipang Matang Seafood Porridge Restaurant
No. 35-G Jalan Puteri 4/7A
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Opening Time: 11.00am till 9.30pm
Tel: 03-8065 3522
Location Coordinate: N3 01.383 E101 36.896

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