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Friday, December 27, 2013

My New HTC One Arrived!

My earlier post mentioned that DiGi do have a special year end promotion, and I've taken it up replacing my iPhone 4 with the brand new HTC One. HTC One that's launched in 1Q of 2013 has been running out of stock in every DiGi outlets that I came across, and even the online website indicated same. Don't want to miss out the promotion, I check on the website everyday, and finally I managed to order it over online website. Hassle free, choose the plan I want, choose the phone I want, then click proceed. Payment by credit card, verification done, voila, that's it.

Problem with online shopping is that, you paid already, but where is the phone?? No indication over when it will deliver to me, so I call DiGi up, and they said within next working days, but because I ordered after 2pm, so another working day. I ordered on Thursday, meaning need to wait till Monday, argg!! =( I waited patiently, and finally on Monday, the box arrived!

This is how the DiGi online shopping box delivery looks like. It's very small and light, kind of hard to believe I paid nearly RM2,000 for it.

Once open up, there is only this HTC One box inside, and it's very small, but still bigger than iPhone box, LOL.

Unboxing a new gadget is always very exciting, so I try to enjoy every moment of it. Slowly tear the stickers away, and unpack everything. Here is what you get for a HTC One package. The phone itself, a new micro sim card from DiGi, charger plug, micro USB cable, Bear headphone, and a few pages manual.

This HTC One is consider as my 3rd smartphone, where my first smartphone is the Dopod 810, and secondly the iPhone 4. I always love big screen, and when I'm using PDA last time, I'm a sucker for the Sony Clie PEG-NX70V which is very huge in comparison with other PDA that time.

HTC One is truly beautiful, aluminium body and the 4.7" display from Corning Gorilla Glass 2 spotting a full HD display of 468ppi count. There is only 3 hard buttons around the body, which is the power, and up/down volume. The home button and back button is touch sensitive, which either you love it or hate it. It's working fine I assure you.

Show casing the beautiful aluminium curved body at the back, with good camera and flash. There is also a small hole right at the top of the phone, which is called Sense Voice in HTC. It is function to the ambient environment noise and adjust the volume automatically while helping with some noise cancellation, sounds good.

One of the highlight in the HTC One is the Beats Audio that promise studio sound quality. I tested it with their bundled headphone and the sound is damn awesome! Of course the sound track is bundled in the phone probably optimized to give the wow experience to new user, but limitation is only if you can get the good quality audio and this phone will deliver it right, that's all you need to know.

The specifications are awesome, Quadcore 1.7GHz Krait 300, HPU Adreno 320, Android 4.2.2 (upgraded to 4.3 last 2 days ago), full HD display, 32GB RAM memory, LTE supported, build in FM radio, and to go with all that, the battery size is 2300mAh. That's very big, necessary to support the big screen, but bad news is that it also takes a long long time to charge. Charging over USB connection is not longer viable, so power plug is necessary.

The experience is totally different comparing to iPhone 4, but the technology is 3 years apart, so can't blame the iPhone 4. However, the deepest impression that makes me don't miss the iPhone is the screen size. Now I truly appreciate the larger size screen and understand why Samsung has been pushing it. If you are iPhone user, you won't notice the different and you will shout what's the big deal and say iPhone size is the best to hold and use. I dare you to try to use a full HD 4.7" display smartphone for few days, and go back to your iPhone, you will feel that the iPhone is like a toy phone. The screen is damn small, and the icons are toy alike. It's that bad, so I advice you guys to move over.

Comparing the size side to side with my iPhone 4, not much different eh, it's the size of the display, iPhone got lots of dead space on top and bottom of the phone.

I adjusted both phone brightness to max and this is what I get. iPhone definitely has a brighter screen but the colour contrast lose out, and the screen size is a big turn off. I praised the retina display when I bought my iPhone so much but now other manufacturers have already overtake in the tech race while iPhone still stucked at their 326ppi when HTC One is spotting 468ppi. You won't notice much different actually, but watching a full HD on the HTC One 4.7" display is definitely syiok, you just have to try it.

On my next post, I will share the migration process from iPhone to Android, and also how to use the HTC One. Lots of impressive features in the HTC One, and until now I'm still exploring. Cheers.

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