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Monday, December 23, 2013

Living Life

Coming to the end of 2013, and as usual, I started to go into deep thoughts of my life in past year and what I want to achieve in 2014. There are also lots of people posting remarkable ideas online, and money being very important subject caught my eyes.

I decided to post it on the blog to share with you guys, but also as reminder for myself for coming year so that I can achieve greater heights.

Traits of Successful People
1. They didn't use excuses
2. It wasn't just about themselves
3. Early mornings and late nights
4. Energy (Health) the greatest commodity
5. Principles
6. Wavering, yet unbreakable faith
7. A reason, understand why
8. They persevered when others give up
9. Great people relentlessly studied their craft
10. Risk to truly see the reward

Some other golden advices:
Money does not make you happier, relationsips do.
After you are rich, you take it for granted like you take having great parents for granted.
Having lots of money makes you want to make more.
When rich people start dying, they become less proud of their wealth.
Rich people get all the same sadness, but they don't hurt as much because they are still rich.
After you get rich, you feel the same eventually.
If you are rich because of your salary, you end up working all the time.
Being rich makes you feel smarter and better than the rest of the world, and that feels good.
You get respect you don't deserve.
Sometimes, you feel like you are god.
Being rich makes life less risky.

Money is not everything, but everything needs money.
If we can build the wealth earlier, then we can spend our time to care about things that we really care.
Work smart and enjoy every moment of life.
It's the journey, not the destination =)

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