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Monday, January 13, 2014

Habits of the Rich People

New year, new resolution. As usual habits, I started to read more to find out how to live my life better and found an interesting article about differences between habits of the rich and the poor.

1. Rich people eat less junk food
2. Rich people focus on single goal
3. Rich people exercise more often
4. Rich people listen to audio books when commuting
5. Rich people maintain a to-do list
6. Rich people make their children read fiction books monthly
7. Rich people make their children volunteer
8. Rich people make birthday calls
9. Rich people write down their goals
10. Rich people read 30 minutes or more each day for education
11. Rich people don't say what's on their mind
12. Rich people network more often
13. Rich people watch less TV
14. Rich people don't watch reality TV show
15. Rich people wake up 3 hours before work
16. Rich people teach good daily success habit to their children
17. Rich people believe good habits create opportunity luck
18. Rich people believe bad habits create detrimental luck
19. Rich people believe in lifelong educational self improvements
20. Rich people love to read

Myself has been practicing some of the habits above, but one thing that caught my attention is the no. 11, where Rich People Don't Say What's On Their Mind. I'm guilty on this that I've been quite honest and open with what ever in my mind. Then after reading this I realize that it's actually not very good for myself. As I pay more attention to the people surrounding, I also notice that nearly no one share what their thoughts and they wanted to always know what you are thinking or doing.

Selfishness? I don't know, but I think I also have to be more careful with my thoughts, anyway it's a recognize habit for being rich, so I better starting acting like it also. I love sharing, so don't worry, contents will remain for 1simpleplan, but would hold up on my personal life matters.

Let's see, I still have 9 more habits to go, hope I can eliminate all my bad habits before end of 2014 =)

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