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Friday, December 6, 2013

my Burger Lab @ OUG

I've heard about my Burger Lab since like 2 years ago, and being a food blogger, I always wanted to try out the so-call new hip shop in the town. However, due to our baby in tow, and knowing long queue with cramp space is definitely not baby friendly, I've hold it up until now.

29th October 2013, second outlet of my Burger Lab opened up in OUG, surprised me as I'm just staying next garden. I told my wife about it, and we must try this out. Anyway I've been lacking of food materials for blog for quite long so just nice timing. Last week we managed to squeeze a dinner time out without our baby, and go for it. Let's see really how good it is.

Second outlet of my Burger Lab in OUG, they choose to open in a small row of shoplots without any attention and far from the hip area but good visibility from main road, wise choice, as they avoided the high traffic area with plenty of car parks for their shop alone. Simple dark contemporary paint job with a lighted logo, they are up for business.

ID can do wonders, once you are in the shop, you forgotten that this is an old shop that's nearly abandon before my Burger Lab take it over and do a revamp. The decoration is simple, table and chair is light, cramp but neat and tidy. Basically there is no noise absorption, everything bounce and it's noisier than pasar. Very true that it's not baby friendly, hardly any space for baby chair. This is the place where you order, eat and walk. Fast food style, local fast food style. 90% patrons are Gen Y, and if there are any Gen X there, they are brought by their son / daughter.

Their menu is interesting one, where they draw it up on the old style blackboard in periodic table format. It's a burger lab anyway, so that's the theme. Not much sides to choose from, just burgers. Good thing is they have beef, chicken and vegetarian. Cater to almost everyone already. Choose what you fancy, and either go ala-carte or go with set of fries and drinks.

Once you are done, take a seat and move on to the back of the shop for drinks. Self-service bottomless cup given, so pick what you like with ice or not and gun it.

Sauces, serviettes, forks and knives, and etc in the middle of the shop for your usage.

While waiting for our number to be called, I take a peek at the kitchen, they practice open kitchen concept, and good thing is, with the kitchen just right behind, the shop is not hot. The whole shop is well air-conditioned and ventilated. There are more than 10 people working non stop churning out burgers. Everyone have their own tasks, until 1 person just full time toasting the charcoal bun. Talk about efficiency, but isn't that very boring job? Anyway that's how McDonald did it as well, a good system will ensure success of a fast food business, and I do hope my Burger Lab will make it to international franchise.

Then finally our number is called and self collection. The tray is neat, fries are fat with special sauce served. What I really love is the burger paper pocket holder. You know lots of people don't know how to eat burger, including my wife. When everytime they eat burger, things will just dripping out, falling off but this simple paper pocket holder keeps everything in place. It's easy to hold, and easy to tear to savour the whole burger. Brilliant idea.

First up is my wife's order, Sloppy Bella priced at RM15.00, with fries and bottomless soda +RM6.00. Her meal cost RM21.00, not exactly cheap. This amount can easily have 2 set meals in any fast food, but is it worth it?

Sorry if it looks a little gross, we are too hungry, so bite off straight away until I remembered to snap another shot on how it looks inside. Sloppy Bella is highlight of a super large Deep Fried Portabello Mushroom, Chicken Sloppy Joe on top, and a piece of Swiss Cheese. Some greens at the bottom to complete the piece. It's a mushroom chicken and you would love it if you like Portabello Mushroom. Wonderful part is, you can feel every ingredients in the burger with every bite, not sure how they manage to do it, but it's very good.

Next up is their highlight, their famous beef patties. I ordered the Say Cheese2 set, priced at RM24.00 and it's meant to fill the stomach of a really hungry man with its Double Beef Patties, Double Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Onions and Sauce X. I don't know about you, but the double patties and cheese is crazy good, beef is juicy and soft with good beef flavor around it. The cheese is melted into the sauce but it's not too heavy to cover the fresh beef patties served. It's a great piece, I love it.

This is how it looks inside, awesome patties with a large piece of greens. Luckily I ordered the double patties set, else I think I will left unsatisfied with this dinner. I enjoy this burger better than the Sloppy Bella, maybe because I'm carnivore by nature, I don't know.

A simple concrete slab for hand wash after a messy burger affair, but you got everything here. It would be nice if they can put some tissues around.

The whole burger dinner experience totaled up to RM45.00, luckily no tax, else more expensive. It's consider pricy by any measure but if you really value good burger, then this price tag is actually acceptable. They really do serve one of the best burger in the town. I'm sure my parents will curse but hey, lab is never meant for grandpa. Young hippy will never hesitate to spend on it, personal choice. I'm always in opinion that unhealthy food is not going to last in food business, but hey, McDonald is a good success despite the bad quality, who knows. I myself won't be coming back due to high price and I'm trying to control my diet, unless friends ask for a gather up in it. However, I do hope that they can survive and push into international franchise arena, all the best!

my Burger Lab
8, Jalan Awan Hijau
Taman OUG
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Location Coordinate: N3° 4'55.42" E101°40'12.16"
Opening Hours: 5.00pm till 10.15pm on Weekday, 11.00am till 10.15pm on Weekend (close every 1st Monday of the month)

Its the same opening hours for the Seapark branch.
Sunway side though open from 11.00am till 10.15pm everyday, again except 1st Monday
Cyberjaya side a bit funy, open from 11.30am till 2.00pm on weekdays, 5.30pm till 10.00pm on weekends and closes on Sunday

Above operating hours updated by myBurgerLab, thanks to their email to keep my info updated =)


Chong said...

Haven't been to this outlet although it is quite near to where I'm staying. Surprisingly, it is not as packed as I thought it would be. But they have definitely expanded their menu since my last visit, which was last year or so. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Haha btw there are tissues hanging on the brick wall just by the sink... you can see it in the mirror from your picture! :P

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