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Thursday, December 19, 2013

El Fresco @ Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery

This time I would like to introduce a good outlet, and it's favourite for the local neighbourhood, a restaurant within the Jaya Grocer located inside the Empire Mall in Subang Jaya. For those that's not familiar with Empire Mall would normally find their lunch or dinner outside, the usual franchise name that you can recall. But if you fancy something special, and don't mind the lower privacy with good price and good food, take a walk into the Jaya Grocer.

Entrance of Jaya Grocer, and you can see the recommended restaurant right across the entrance.

Introducing El Fresco café, it's an open concept where they just decided to smack the kitchen and tables in the middle of the shopping mall. Something similar with what Jusco is doing all these while, but there is a huge difference in what they do here.

The special thing is, you can buy the raw meat from the Butchery or Seafood counters, and they will cook it for you for free! Hey, that sounded like a bargain, as you will notice their price is normal compare to other groceries, but you get to eat a chef alike cooking method for free. That sounds good for everyone. However, they only cook for free for item above RM20, and they do a surcharge of RM4 for anything below. So pick some bigger portion and share it out, simple.

What you need to do is, walk over to the right side of the shop, and find the butchery & seafood counters, and take your pick. However, not all meats are covered, look for the "for fresco cooking" sign around, or ask the staff there to help.

Here are some example of the signboard that show what area is covered by Fresco cooking.

So what's my pick, I purposely brought my wife over to try out Wagyu beef, and I get another piece of salmon for a more neutral meal. The Australia Wagyu Rib Eye Beef is priced at RM95.41 wile the super big Salmon is priced at RM24.99 only. That's quite a bargain, and look at the marble alike texture on the wagyu, awesome.

Next, bring the raw meats to the counters, and you are allow to add sides to the main meal, with choices of mix salad, mix vegetables or spaghetti. Each side cost RM6 and it's a generous portion, assure you.

A little drink choices, they do have fruit juices as well, take your pick.

While waiting for our food to be ready, I noticed they also do have Japanese counter, serving sushi and sashimi just beside the El Fresco. Good variety if you fancy some japs.

The only drawback is that, it is an open concept within the groceries area, so it's a little noisier, and lack of privacy. The table and chair setting is cheap, but the price is good, so probably a trade off you are willing to have.

I wanted to order the Bundaberg Rootbeer but it's not available, so pick the A&W version instead for RM3.50 while my wife took the Apple & Passionfruit Classic Juice for RM7.90.

After a while, the highlight of the day arrived. My medium rare Australia Rib Eye Wagyu Beef with mix salad at a total of RM101.41. We are so worried earlier that they might given this piece of premium beef to some other table, because I've already paid for it. Who knows they might make some mistake, luckily it's correct.

My wife has never try Wagyu beef before, I can't remember exactly, but I thought she had. Anyway, I let her try it out and she loves it! I love it as well! For premium beef like this, you must take it in medium rare, else it's a waste. The texture is so good, and the taste basically melted in your mouth. Such rich flavor of wagyu beef. I wouldn't say this is the best out there, but it's very good, and I'm sure somewhere serve better Wagyu beef, but not at this price. The greens are a little bitter, not good.

Next up is the Fettucine alla Carbonara priced at RM21.00. Initially I thought I can order any pasta to go with the main meal, so I order the carbonara. My mistake, it came in full plate size and not a side. We are hungry so I didn't bother to change it. It's a good piece of carbonara, and we love it. Not the best, but good plate.

Then the super big size Salmon Fillet priced at RM24.99. It came alone without any sides, and it's so huge. Sorry for the picture, we are enjoying our foods, until I totally forgotten about the salmon, and here I snap it before we finished up the plate, hehe. The salmon is a little overcooked, so I'm ok with this only. For this price at this size, nothing to complain, it's all good.

The entire bill ended up at RM158.80 and the beautiful part? There is no TAX!! Awesome local restaurant in a groceries for the neighbourhood without tax, it deserves a double thumbs up from me! Can you actually get a serving of Wagyu beef anywhere without tax other than at home? It's definitely a place that I will return, loving it. Do try it out yourselves! Cheers.

El Fresco Italian Kitchen, Jaya Grocer
Lot 6, LG-G1, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1
47500 Subang Jaya
 Location Coordinate: N3° 4'54.59" E101°34'56.97"

Opening Hours: 10.00am till 10.00pm (follow Empire Mall)


Anonymous said...

Just visited Cheras Sentral. Staff name Rosmanira was friendly and service was rather quickly attend though it was 1050 Hours. I bought RM84.78 Wagyu Steak Marble 9+, inquire how much need to be paid RM 5 for Cooking Charge depend whether you want any Mushroom sauce RM 4.8.

Unknown said...

Im sorry but im going straight to the point,today im not satisfied with the food i ate(roasted lamb premium) lamb was cold and salad didnt turn out for the apple crumble omg it taste like baby food!!!! Never have i not satisfied with the food but today its just sad.service can be improve as there is some lacking in friendliness. Pls do something as im yr regular too

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