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Friday, December 6, 2013

DiGi Special Year End Promotion

As I'm searching for a replacement phone over my aging iPhone 4, last few days my best friend pass this message over, that DiGi is doing a special year end promotion. After I check it out, it is indeed one of the best deal in the town, so I placed my order.

What they are offering this time? To thank you US for being their customers, DiGi is not giving out free phone for anyone sign up with Smart Plan 148 for 24 months. As usual, we netizens always want the best deal of everything, so let's compare to the obvious iDiGi 138 plan user, which is myself.

I'm currently still enrolled into iDiGi 138 plan as it's quite affordable with good freebies and internet data.

iDiGi 138 Plan
Monthly Fees: RM138
Free Voice Calls: 450mins
Free SMS: 400sms
Free MMS: 40mms
Free Internet: 3GB
*special about this plan is, as bundled with iPhone deal earlier, it give out RM45+RM5 discount. Effectively reducing the monthly fees to only RM88. That's why I continue the plan until now.

Which means effectively I'm paying RM2,112 for 24 months. So what option do I have. If I were to buy a new phone separately without a plan, I would have to easily cough out RM2,000 for a flagship model, that will bring me way over RM4,000 budget. I'm reluctant to spend that much.

What about the year end promotion? DiGi is offering that with SmartPlan 88 or 148, you will get a phone for free. Currently promotion as following:

SmartPlan 88 - free Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro
SmartPlan 148 - free Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia C, or you can choose to take the latest Samsung Galaxy Note III for RM1,199

I'm always interested with HTC One, and it is retailing RM2,199 outside. What if I take the SmartPlan 148 and get it for free? What's my commitment like?

SmartPlan 148
Monthly Fees: RM148
Free Voice Calls: 600mins
Free SMS: 600sms
Free MMS: 600mms
Free Internet: 6GB

There is no discount with this plan, so effectively I will be paying RM3,552 for 24 months contract. That's around RM750 cheaper if I maintain the iDiGi 138 plan and buy a phone separately. I get to pay less and more free bundles, why not? I signed up immediately yesterday, great.

For those crying for details, you will need to pay an upfront of RM1,896 now, that will split into RM79 discount per month over 24 months period. Meaning your monthly fees will be there RM69. That's a very good deal if you ask me. Don't miss it, it's limited time with limited stocks.

PS: DiGi don't pay me for this, I'm just merely sharing the good deal with my readers =) Refer here for the details.

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