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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why You STILL Shouldn't Buy A Hybrid Car!

Since the heated discussion on the hybrid car that I posted earlier, 2 years later in 2013, let's check the resale price this time. I did a quick search on mudah and found these:-

Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid
New Car Price in 2011 = RM136,000
Used Selling Now = Lowest RM98,000
Value Lost = RM38,000
Yearly Lost = RM12,667

Toyota Altis 2.0
New Car Price in 2011 = RM128,500
Used Selling Now = Lowest RM91,000
Value Lost = RM37,500
Yearly Lost = RM12,500

Honda Civic 1.4 Hybrid
New Car Price in 2011= RM109,000
Used Selling Now = RM76,000
Value Lost = RM33,000
Yearly Lost = RM11,000

Honda Civic 2.0
New Car Price in 2011 = RM127,500
Used Selling Now = RM100,000
Value Lost = RM27,500
Yearly Lost = RM9,167

Seems like hybrid doesn't lose lots of its value when it's 3 years old. However, please bear in mind that I'm comparing with a 2.0 car which in nature less in demand. Let's take a quick look at 1.8 then.

Toyota Altis 1.8G
New Car in 2011 = RM119,634
Used Selling Now = RM95,000
Value Lost = RM24,634
Yearly Lost = RM8,211

Honda Civic 1.8
New Car in 2011 = RM116,500
Used Selling Now = RM96,000
Value Lost = RM20,500
Yearly Lost = RM6,833

The difference between a hybrid with a 1.8 model is so substantial, equivalent to?

Toyota Prius vs Toyota Altis 1.8G
RM4,456 per year = 2,122 liters of petrol (consider RON95 is RM2.10 now)

Honda Civic Hybrid vs Honda Civic 1.8SL
RM4,167 per year = 1,984 liters of petrol (consider RON95 is RM2.10 now)

I know lots of comments will say this is not a fair comparison, maybe it is, maybe it is not. Very much depending on how you look at it. This post is merely showing the hybrid is expensive in Malaysia, even with a fantastic fuel savings technology and tax free status. You can basically get free petrol on the savings over car depreciation value. Opps, need to change battery soon, make sure account got cash.

PS: new car price from and used price is based on, and I take the lowest offer and mark up RM2,000. The highest selling price must be too optimistic, so I don't bother to average in.

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Erik Casper said...

Hello Kvin! I agree that hybrid cars are little expensive but they are providing such features also. There would be low maintenance cost as there are few parts. The price is not a big matter in comparison to the facilities and other safety features it is providing. There is merely less chances of getting accidents as it will make you alert prior to the accident and you can manage to escape from that situation and also there are many safety features that will keep you safe even during the accident. I think, price does not matter, it's about our safety only. Visit my hybrid specialist Smart Car specialist Myrtle Beach SC to know more about the benefits of having hybrid vehicles. I understand your point of view but my friend, at the present era people don't care much more about money. Anyways, thanks for sharing it.

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