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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Compression Shorts for Running

I've been told on the benefits of a real compression shorts for sports and since I'm serious into running, I've been eyeing on it. The price tag is holding me back though, a normal compression shorts for a good brand will cost easily over a hundred ringgit, that's expensive.

Of the benefits, here I list out some for reference.

1. keep muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue
2. ventilated fabrics are designed to wick sweat away to prevent chaffing and rashes
3. well compressed fittings that help in athelete performance
4. all round tightness apparel that help to reduce friction
5. it also help in keeping male genital in place during sports and help to prevent exposure of female ahtleletes

All the benefits are very good in a marathon run and I need everything I can lay my hands on. After a good search, I finally decided on Adidas apparel. Here is what I get.

Adidas Response Running Short Tights

FORMOTION™ Ergonomic cut for optimized linear running motion
CLIMACOOL® provides heat and moisture management through ventilation
Mesh inserts for improved ventilation
miCoach compatible
Reflective detail
zipper pocket(s) 100% Polyester

I tried out a few and found that Adidas gives me the best support and style. I got my pair from Studio R again and it's priced at RM120.00. I tried it out on my Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 for 10km leisure run, and I love every bit of it!

It keeps my lower body part warm and energetic. The compression feeling is giving a good support to my thigh muscle and I'm feeling all good. It's very well ventilated as well, it dry almost immediately and I don't feel the weight. There is this small zip pocket that's very useful, I kept my iPhone there and it stays, does not move around, all good fit without any movement. It's one of my essential gear towards my goal of full marathon end of this year. More things I need, keep it up together with me.

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