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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

K3K Benta Kaya @ Kuchai Lama

Kopitiam, an usual spot for local to have a quick bite to fill the hunger, or a good time to meet up with some good friends for a good talk. Since the modernisation of Kopitiam concept lead by Old Town, you will find new Kopitiam all around the corner in KL. This particular new Kopitiam caught my eyes and I thought it's a western cuisine outlet, as the name K3K is a little funny. I'm usually conservative in choosing which restaurant to try out, as there are lots of disappointment out there I've encountered. Paying the money but still torturing my stomach is not something I look forward to.

However, we cleared almost all the Kopitiam in Kuchai Lama area, so we decided to give K3K a try. K3K means Kwai Sam Kei, translated from mandarin, but it's clearly mentioned the shop is originated from Kuala Lipis, Pahang since 1955. It's all marketing gimmick, I think. Anyone from Kuala Lipis mind confirming on that?

Now the name and logo is pathetic on K3K as it's not catchy and will not attract people. But once you step into the restaurant, the kopitiam has a very nice setting and environment, and the menu is also nicely done up. I always love beautiful menu, because that's how people over-order normally =)

The shop front of the K3K Benta Kaya and the usual full road side parking in Kuchai Lama area. I normally hate to eat in a congested area, therefore I only visit Kuchai Lama on occassional basis. Let's go to food.

A flip on the menu, and you will immediately notice it has a similarity on other Kopitiam franchise out there but there is a great additional variety as well. As the name K3K Benta Kaya suggest, they are good and proud in their Kaya. The additional variety is a good twist to the boring Old Town Coffee Shop and I like every part of it. Eye catching is what they can do with their Kaya, you just have to check out the menu. We ordered something normal and I continue with my photography.

A counter set-up outside of the kitchen. The whole kopitiam has a dark brown wood theme and yellow lighting soothing the whole place. Staff are attentive and there are even buttons on each table for you to call them. Tested, response within 5 seconds, nice.

An important criteria of a Kopitiam is to have a comfortable environment that allow people to sit there for a long time and chat their life away. While they are chatting there, they will tend to order things to eat or drinks and that's how they earn money. Privacy without disturbance and soothing environment with comfortable chairs are important. That's exactly what K3K is offering. Although the visibility to be spotted is less comparing to other more establised Kopitiam, but it's good enough with a little privacy.

We ordered a Lemon Honey Shake that's priced at RM5.80 and a Iced Water for RM0.80. Reasonable enough and they refill the water for me without additional charges. The Lemon Honey Shake is good but not spectacular. There are lots of variety and I'm sure you can find something that fancy you.

We decided to order something lighter so we can order more and I choose the Roti Jala Curry Chicken that's priced at RM6.80. The curry chicken is quite similar to the Old Town and the roti jala is good. I love Curry Chicken so I clear everything up before anything else arrive.

Since K3K is so famous with their Kaya so we decided to take up some bread with it's Kaya. This particular bun caught my wife's eyes and it's called Soft Bun K3K Special priced at RM3.80 only. The topping is chocolate, the skin is crunchy, the bun is soft and the Kaya is watery. What does it means? It means it's great! The kaya is truly special and it's not some normal kaya paste that you taste out there. It's a little lighter and watery.

The kaya blend greatly into the soft bun while the crunchy skin gives your teeth something to do. We love every bit of it and again we walloped everything before the 3rd dish arrive. Not sure if the serving is slow or ware eating too fast, hehe.

My wife don't want to be Malaysian that night, so she goes western. She ordered the Almond Sliced Chicken Chop that's priced at RM14.80 and the serving is big! A genourous amount of baked beans, coleslaw, french fries, special sauce and the chicken chop that's covered by almond. I should have put my hand for you to compare the size.

As usual, she munch her way of all side dish while I do my magic in cutting the chicken to appropriate portion for her. Am I a good husband? I do that almost everytime if I'm free! If yes, please tell her. If not, keep to yourself and send me a private email, I will see how I can do better =P

The chicken chop, can you see how big is the serving? All side dishes are great and the chicken is tasty as well. Almond as usual a little tasteless but the sour sauce put the whole experience in the right place. My wife doesn't like the sauce but I dipped everything into the bowl. I hate dry food, so sauce is compulsary. Even if I eat Maryland Chicken Chop, I will top up a gravy for go with it. Delicious plate, thumbs up and I think this is my first Almond Chicken Chop!

The whole dinner cost us a total of RM39.40 inclusive of 10% service charge only. If you go calculate the food price with the bill, it doesn't balance up. Because my wife order a take-away cup of Benta Kaya that's priced at RM3.80. The kaya is nice and since we bought some Gardenia bread, decided to take a cup to go with it. The Kaya is good and you must try out their Kaya with any other things. Other foods are great as well, another good affordable Kopitiam to visit next time, only the parking is killing me.

As when we are leaving around 8pm+ there is a live singing band going on, good music, good environment, what else you are looking for? They have franchise opened everywhere, check out their website!

K3K Benta Kaya
No.1 Jalan Kuchai Maju 8
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7980 5333
Location Coordinate: N3 05.375 E101 41.190

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