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Friday, June 3, 2011

IA Ulu Yam Run

Set the alarm to 6.15am and doze off. Alarm rings next morning, drag the body out of bed and pick up the car key. The day still dark and with eyes half close, start the engine and drive to Batu Caves to meet up in empty stomach. On the way, will tend to rev the bella a little to test the engine and suspension if it's ready for a good run. That's a typical car enthusiast like me will do when there is a run arranged.

We went for Ulu Yam run last weekend and a good run once in a while is always great to remind myself of the purpose of life. Enjoyment in driving an Alfa Romeo and feeling its engine roar and incredible handling in the middle of the corner is an experience I will never forget. It's my 4th run in Ulu Yam since my possession of the italian beast and I hope I will be able to continue doing it as long as I'm able to.

Beautiful Fiat Coupe leading the pack. The italian flag that's sculptured along the bodyline is killing me.

As you can see, we are running into a little late with the sun rising up already when we leave. It's a small group and good that there are other drivers joining us. I counted 8 cars that day and we have x2 Fiat Coupes, x1 Alfa 147, x1 Alfa 156, x2 Mini Cooper S, x1 Volkswagen Passat and x1 Mitsubishi Lancer. It doesn't matter where they come from or what car they are driving, but once we got together, it's natural.

For those that don't know the Ulu Yam route, here is a little map for your reference.

The route is measured 44.7km from the foothill of Ulu Yam and ended the run in Awana Cable Car Cafe. For an usual start of 7.00am to avoid traffic, we will be usually be home by 9.30am ~ 10.00am. For those late sleepers, your family wouldn't even know that you are away! That's great.

It's a short run and some photos for your viewing pleasure.

A gather together for a good chat on cars before moving out. Nice to have a lady to join us that day.

A first stop point at the foothill of Ulu Yam. We will normally wait for all cars to arrive before start the attack.

Two little Mini Cooper S lining up behind the muscular Fiat Coupe. 1.6 turbo vs 2.0 turbo, that might be a good run.

Italians, white Fiat Coupe follow by Alfa Romeo 147, that's mine =)

Mitsubishi Lancer and Volkswagen Passat join the team, nice!

Lining up, ready to punch.

The gang couldn't get enough of each other, so more chit-chatting before we start the run.

Beautiful sunray behind the heavy-weight Volkswagen Passat.

Off we go and I'm leading the way. Normally small car will lead so you won't be left behind =P Just minutes into the run, my 147 acted and there is funny sound coming in from the engine bay. It sounded like broken gasket or leaking exhaust sounds. We stopped for a quick check and confirm it's nothing wrong with the engine, so we move on. I take it easy and they lost from my sight, leaving me alone to enjoy the morning freshness and a good slow drive.

It took us less than roughly half an hour and we reached the 2nd stop at Awana Cable Car Station.

Heavy-weight participant, FSI, drooling ...

Mini Cooper S that never fails to draw the crowd

My dream ride, compact little 1.6 turbo that gives the bigger brother a good run.

Can't help to snap this, drooling over my own ride, love the curves.

The run always ended up with a good Roti at the old Awana Cable Car Station. Breezing cold atmosphere with a group of enthusiast teh tarik over mods and life. Exactly how I would like to live my life.

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