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Monday, June 20, 2011

Honda Civic 1.8S-L

After a long viewing of various cars ranging from RM70k to RM130k, finally I decided on Honda Civic 1.8S-L for my wife. I'm avid Honda supporter earlier becase my dad own at least 3 generations of Honda Accord when I'm still a kid. However that changed once I get a taste of Alfa Romeo in its raw power and handling. Anyhow, Honda still hold a very special place in my heart.

The Honda emblem is only getting bigger and bigger, I'm loving it.

This Honda Civic is the 8th Generation and facelifted version. If you track Honda's development recently, you will notice they revise the generation almost every 4 years and facelift it every 2 years within its lifespan. My new Honda Civic 1.8S-L is codenamed FD1. 1st generation is launched since 1973. The first 8th generation is launched in 2006 and till today of 2011, it's still selling. Although the 9th generation is launched in US and other market, but I heard it will not be launch in Malaysia this year, due to the Tsunami matters.

The highlight of a car is always at the heart & soul of the machine, the engine. This Civic is powered by the newly developed Straight-4 1,799cc SOHC i-VTEC, codenamed R18A, giving out 140bhp and 174Nm. Honda is always famous for its VTEC tecnology being able to push the Natural Aspirated (NA) Engine to give out over 200bhp from its crown VTEC tecnology. In this case, the i-VTEC is tuned for both fuel efficiency and performance. Since it's a SOHC (single overhead camshaft), the VTEC indicated is just a mild tuning on the camshaft shifting when it hit higher rpm.

For those that have more technical knowledge, you will know engine perform on a curve line when you will hit the peak torque or power then it will dip drop. How long can the torque or power stay on the higher area of the chart is a challenge and the most efficienct range is normally within 3,000rpm. Wider power band is always good but it's hard to achieve. With your petrol engine capable of highest rpm of 7,000 rpm, where this 3,000 rpm can fit? If you throw the 3,000 rpm at the lower and starting from 1,500rpm or 2,000 rpm, then you will run out of breath or lost power after 5,000rpm making your 5,000rpm to 7,000rpm useless. But if you put the 3,000 rpm starting from 4,000rpm, you will lost out power in low rev. It's not perfect and VTEC solve the problem.

As the name suggest, the intake & exhaust valve control is done by a single overhead camshaft but VTEC technology utilise 2 sets of cam lobes on the single camshaft. For a mild / low-end VTEC control, the cam lobes variation is only for intake. During normal driving that use low pedal movement, the opening is small as it's linked to the pedal. Small movement in pedal resulted in small opening and it will cause back pressure to losses of petrol & air flow. Inefficiency. The 1st set of cam lobes allow the intake valve to be open wider in normal drive for better inflow to increase power & efficiency.

While if you pedal hard, the 1st set of cam lobes opening will be too big, therefore the intelligent system will activate the servo to change the cam lobes to the 2nd set for normal flow which again increase the power and efficiency. i-VTEC means the new generation of VTEC where the servo control is included so that when it's not necessary, VTEC will not be activated. If you want to feel the VTEC activation, pedal hard and you should feel a surge of power in the range 3,500-4,000rpm. That's why VTEC engine will have two peaks in their power curve.

Honda technology does not stop there and additional features that's incorporated is the variation of intake manifold. In further exploiting the advantage of the low & high rpm power difference, manifold plays an important role as well. Same concept applies that longer intake manifold will help in low rpm power while shorter intake manifold will help in high rpm power. Reasoning being flow of air will have a peak resonance points where it will create a high differential power that pushes air into the engine with correct length of intake manifold. For low rpm power, longer intake manifold is use to turn the air resonance frequency to lower range, while shorted intake manifold is use to turn the air resonance frequency to high range. Both will help in air intake control to the engine and help in increasing the power & efficiency. It's the same principle as the VTEC but different area of application.

If you notice, all manipulation of power for the R18A is purely on the intake. Intake manifold and intake camshaft. There is nothing done on the exhaust to extract the power more efficiently and if you would like that to happen, that's where the Honda Civic 2.0 K20A VTEC+VTC engine come in with it's DOHC (double overhead camshaft) design to help in the exhaust throttling as well. That's not for me, so I'm not touching it here. Point to note is that if you own a Honda Civic 1.8, don't modify the intake manifold or air filter without knowing what you are doing as it will defeat the purpose of Honda engineering on the engine control.

Other improvement highlights of the engine is such as friction reduction from molybdenum disulfide coating on pistons, ion plating on piston rings, and plateau honing. Every friction reduce will contribute to a more efficiency engine operation.

Moving on the the next important criteria is the handling of the car. Honda Civic 1.8S-L comes standard with its 16" allow rim wrapped by Goodyear Eagle NCT5 205/55R16. The road noise is particularly bad for this tyres and 55 wall is not spectacular in handling as well but for those that opt for the 1.8 model, comfort is their bigger concern other than performance, so it's alright. The ride is alittle crashy sometimes but it also translate to better handling on the road than other cars. Front wheels are suspended by MacPherson Strut while the rear is installed with Independent Double Wishbone, which is all good and explained why the good handling. However, it's still a little on the soft side if you ask me. The target if general public, cannot complain.

The steering is hydraulic powered meaning it draws its power from the engine, therefore reducing the efficiency. 2.0 model is drive-by-wire that's much better but also possible problem in lack of steering feel. Comparing to any local brand, the steering is responsive and good but my opinion is it lacks responses. I'm always compring to my Alfa Romeo, so it might not be a fair comment, and you will really need to feel the best only you know how to compare.

Safety features is aplenty with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), All-wheels Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Dual SRS Airbags, Active Headrest, and G-Force Control Technology. Honda Civic 8th Generation is awarded 5 star in Euro NCAP crash rating with details in the specifications below. All these are the reasons of my decision.

Moving to the interior, the famous dual tier meter that's first launch in the 8th generation model. The upper tier that indicate the speed, temperature and fuel is really practical and good. I hardly set my eyes to the lower tier information, only when I start the car to check for any error. The deep dashboard also giving a good sense of space and luxury feeling to the overall experience.

As my Civic is S-L trimmed, I have full leather seats and on-steering control for both cruise control and entertainment. The air-condition system is fully automatic and it's truly powerful. I always leave the control to automatic with set temperature of 25dC and in the middle of the day, I will just reduce it to 24dC and it's sufficient to keep the cabin comfortable. Everything is within reach and all compartment for storage is covered with a sliding plastic door, my wife love it so much.

The entertainment system comes with a single slot CD, MP3 and portable connection to USB or iPod that's connected to 6-speakers with 4 speakers located infront. The sound quality is decent and clarity is good. However due to lack of subwoofer, the bass is a little lacking if you enjoy R&B. As said, for this price range, everything is good and my only complain is the missing multi-information display that tell me the fuel consumption, average speed and etc. How expensive this display can be?? I don't understand, even myvi have it.

One of my favourite features is the flat floor at the rear seat. A small reduce in the hump gives a big sense of space within the cabin. It's remarkable comfortable and luxury for those that's seating at the rear seats.

Overall View

As Malaysian, you are required to service your nation at least once, meaning buy Malaysia's made product. After that and as your financial status improve, you will tend to upgrade and for our standard here, meaning Korean or Japanese product. In the subrange above RM70k, seriously it's quite hard to find a decent car that's of both presentable, good quality and good performance. If you are looking for that, then sorry to tell that you will need to move your budget a little higher to the range of RM120k. As of myself, I find the Honda Civic is of best value for money that I can find. Although the minor defects, I will still basically recommend it to whoever looking for an upgrade. The engine is responsive, handling is good and importantly, it looks really good despite it's already 5 years old in its design. I'm sure that's also the main reason why people buy a Civic. Final point, the fuel consumption is recorded in the range of 10km/liter, in mixture of city & highway drive. Hope it helps!

Honda Civic 1.8SL
Standard Specifications

Layout: Front Engine Front Drive (FF)
Engine: Water-cooled Inline 4-cylinder
Valve Train: 16-Valve SOHC i-VTEC
Engine Code: Honda R18A
Engine Block / Cylinder Head: Aluminum Alloy
Timing Belt: Chain Driven
Displacement: 1,799cc
- Bore: 81.0mm
- Stroke: 87.3mm
Power: 102.9kW (138bhp) @ 6,300rpm
Torque: 174Nm (17.7kgm) @ 4,300rpm
Compression Ratio: 10.5
Redline: 6,800rpm
Power to displacement: 57.20kW (76.70bhp) per liter
Power to weight: 82.98kW (111.30bhp) per tonne
Torque to weight: 140.32Nm (14.27kgm) per tonne
Clutch Type: Torque Converter
Fuel System: Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)

Steering: Rack & Pinion, Hydraulic Power Assist
Front Suspension: Macpherson Strut
Rear Suspension: Independent Double Wishbone
Front Disc: Ventilated Disc Rotor Dia.261.62mm (10.3inch)
Rear Disc: Solid Disc Rotor Dia.259.08mm (10.2inch)
Front Rim & Tire: 16x6½J 205/55R16
Rear Rim & Tire: 16x6½J 205/55R16
Spare Rim & Tire: 15x4T 135/80R15
Weight Distribution (front/rear): 61 / 39

Wheelbase: 2,700mm
Front Track: 1,500mm
Rear Track: 1,525mm
Length: 4,450mm
Width: 1,755mm
Height: 1,435mm
Steering Turns Lock to Lock: 2.67
Min. Turning Radius: 5.8m
Ground Clearance: 155mm
Weight: 1,240kg (2,733lbs)

Transmission: 5-Speed Auto
Gear Ratios: 2.666:1, 1.534:1, 1.022:1, 0.721:1, 0.525:1 Final Drive 4.44:1 (Reverse 1.957)
Top Speed: 205km/h (127mph)
Acceleration (0-62mph): 10.4seconds
Drag Coefficient: 0.31
Fuel Consumption (city/highway): 10.63km/L / 15.31km/L (25mpg / 36mpg)
CO2 Emissions: 153g/km
Fuel Tank: 50 Liters

VSA, ABS, EBD, BA, G-Force Control Technology, Dual SRS Airbags, Active Headrest
EuroNCAP crash rating: 5 star (79% adult occupant, 76% child occupant, 67% pedestrian,86% safety assist)


N/A said...

Hello, just wondering why FD1 have signal light on the side mirror like FD2. =)

KVINLIM said...

Pennie, heard of you from waisir, nice FD you have there. The side mirror signal is for 1.8S-L only, premium trim like 2.0, except the engine, HID light, and larger rims & tyres. The rest are same.

Bong said...

Full tank how much?km you can go?

KVINLIM said...

The tank is relatively small, normally a full tank will cost less than RM70 for RM1.90/liter RON95 and it should last you over 400km for daily use. Around 10pm/liter

Bong said...

Hello, ic.Can share any pro & con?did you encounter any problem?since new civic is coming soon 2012 but the look from my view of point is like bigger city version.^^

KVINLIM said...

Bong, if u ask me, the new civic doesn't looks as good as current model, that's why I made the decision to buy without waiting for the new model, which will definitely drag over till 2012. The civic is all good, only complain is the atap roof and bad insulation with some road noise. Those can easily be solve by insulation improvement and there are lots of information out there in civic car club. Other than that, Im all happy with my new civic. It's the best buck for money, and there will be no regret. Car is not just a point A to point B transportation, it's lifestyle and join up the enthusiast of civic club to enjoy it fullest. I know I never regretted.

Bong said...

Oh that rights,it's lifestyle!Tq for yr comment.

Eric Lee said...

Very good shared, My Civic also coming soon :D

KVINLIM said...

Thanks and congrats! A good decision ;)

The Rose said...

hi, im wondering would it any big differences between current civic and 9th gen civic? im still thinking should i go for current civic 1.8S-L or should wait for the next gen. my car loan has been approved already and now still pending for my confirmation as i am still not a good decision maker. pls help! tq!

KVINLIM said...

Rose, from my limited knowledge, the only difference for the 9th gen civic is the additional feature of MID (multi information display) and Eco assist button. The interior is very little facelifted while the exterior you can basically see it from US Honda website. Last time people ask me to wait for the 9th gen as well as it's expected to launch by 2011, and then it's postponed to 2012 instead. If you ask for my opinion, if you don't need the car, then by all means wait for the new gen. Anyhow a new model is still a new model, despite whatever ppl say. But if u need the car, then why wait? The 8th gen still looks good in any direction, and it still beat up all other competitors badly. That's my main reason to buy it rather than waiting. I'm sure the 8th gen will still rule the C segment till another few years to come. Hope it help :)

Nicole Chan said...

Hei, i just bought a new civic 1.8S-L. Everthing is looks good. But only the fuel consumptuon a bit high. For full tank (50L) only can run for 450KM. so is mean 9km/l...why?

Nicole Chan said...

If fully city drive only can run for 400km.Is this normal?

KVINLIM said...

Are you talking bout city or highway drive? For normal mixture drive in the city, it should be quite good if you can get 400km for a full tank. You should get 10km/L for slow drive.

kruskawalis said...

dear Lim..i bought 1.8sl last month.sadly, my aircond not working so well few days a go..just blow the air but not cool instead..what your advice..TQ

KVINLIM said...

Kruskawalis, I assumed you bought a new civic? The beauty of new car is that everything is under warranty. If not why we are paying the premium price? Go back to ur dealer and insist for a full repair, if they refuse, write to Honda Malaysia, they are quite a listener to Honda customer's complain.

Anonymous said...

hei lim, when the car drive in the raining day i can hear the road sound noise very well when i sitting at the back side. Do you feel that??

KVINLIM said...

Yo, I heard bout road noise in dry and wet! The noise insulation is bad, no doubt. Ppl can bla bla that can install insulation, but if I spent 120k and got this kind of prob, I think it's stupid. Just got to live with it, will go do insulation soon, too noisy.

Anonymous said...

It is came with Drive By Wire system???

KVINLIM said...

The 1.8 is hydraulic powered but 2.0 is drive by wire

HAsrUL nuRIzwAN said...

Hi Lim,

I heard nowadays ppl are telling that Japanese cars (honda / toyota) are getting worse in terms of evidenced by the call backs on Honda City & Jazz. Would this be a thing that I would be worried of?

I'm planning to upgrade to Civic 1.8S-L very soon, after 6 years of "national service" with my Gen2 (now having problems quite more often). But I heard the waiting period could be up to 6 months due to factory closing because of the flood in Thailand.

By then, would the price going to drop drastically (assuming Civic 9th gen to be launched during CNY next Jan)?

KVINLIM said...

Whoever say that, must be driving local or Korean :-) the thing is, japs alr have many years experience in cars, its not something that new player can catch up. They can hire some designer to spice up the car, but civic is alr in 8th Gen, u can imagine what's been learn and improve over few decades. Just like japs can hardly catch up with Mercedes that have 100years experience!

Do they need so long to deliver the civic? If u can wait, pls wait for the 9th Gen. Nothing beats the feel of owning the latest model, just like why ppl line up for iPhone. It does feel good to be the first few to drive the latest model and eyes by many. Hope it helps.

HAsrUL nuRIzwAN said...

I went to Honda Center today, they said that the EARLIEST for stock to be ready is in March 2012. They can't confirm on the launching for 9th gen, but most probably after mid-year. But I heard that the 9th gen is not much difference, only some cosmetic changes. And it received bad acceptance in overseas (well, that's what I read in a few websites).

ray said...

Hi, lim... So are u planning to change the head light to hid? What kind of hid u will recommend? I just got my civic 1.8sL 10 days ago. Planning to change the head light to hid.

Penang dude said...

Dude i got One too a week ago... Thanks for ur comment and nice pics... One thing different with my waja the quality and comfort level.. One i dont like the road noise and radio so simple....

KVINLIM said...

On HiD, heard philips kit is good, but very expensive. Any brand around RM500 should be good, just dont get the China brand, it will spoil very soon.

Penang dude, good choice, but heard someone said waja better handling than Civic, true? Radio simple, then got room for ICE =P hehe

Desmond said...

Kvinlim saw few comments about the road noise done by the civic, try and change all Tyre to a noise reduction Tyre. The ori tyre is a very good Tyre but sadly it was specification more to safety and durable than comfort. Regarding the atap roof can do some improvement as well but require a lot of works which most people will not do it....Hope the info helps :)

Civic 8th gen vs 9th gen? said...

I’ve already booked 8th gen Civic (last batch). According to the salesman, I’ll get it somewhere on June. Do you think it’s worth it to cancel the 8th gen and wait for 9th gen?

Kvinlim said...

Desmond, thanks for the info, heard of some solution as well, just throwing out frustration on bad quality for 120k car.

If I'm u, I will wait for 9th gen civic. It's still a new civic, and newer is always better, also in opinion of car value for newer batches. Don't think u are in rush to get one also.

Civic 8th gen vs 9th gen said...

Thanks Kvinlim for your response. Yeah, I'm not rushing to get a new car. My current car is still in good condition, but I need bigger car with good fuel consumption. With budget around 120k, Civic is the best compare to other car in its class such as Altis.

Basically, I like 8th gen because:
1. Nice exterior design

I don’t like 8th gen because:
1. Doesn’t have fuel consumption meter and other i-Mid stuff in 9th gen Civic

I like 9th gen because:
1. New i-Mid with fuel consumption meter
2. Better fuel consumption

I don’t like 9th gen because:
1. Exterior design is not as good as 8th gen.

KVINLIM said...

Hi, actually the exterior is very subjective. last time when the 8th gen is launched, people praised it. Then facelift come, and people complain. Now everyone say the facelifted one is nicer, because of the octagon lights. But last time people say round light nice, because looks like GTR.

To me, newer car always looks nicer, because those desginer already taken those into consideration and new design will looks modern. Bear in mind that the current 8th gen is already 5 years old. It still looks nice, but no spark anymore. Even got people say the dull golf looks nicer than civic 8th gen. It's the new factor. Last time i also nearly waited, luckily bought 8th gen. If not would have waited till now ... confirm june coming??

Rpezz said...

bro nak tanya. macam mana honda civic fd 1.8sl bro skrang? tak ada apa-apa masalah ke? saya sekarang dilema nak pilih new civic k civic fd 8th. nak sporty civic fd la sb civic fb baru ni lebih kepada family car.. boleh bagi suggestion tak.. terima kasih.

KVINLIM said...

My civic is all good, no problem at all. Japanese, very reliable. For me, I will take the new civic anytime. New car is always nice, not to mention FD is already 5 years old design. Eventhough it's nice, but still the design is very common already.

Finally you are financially afford to buy a civic, i think you should choose what you want! You work so hard for it, and this freedom is yours, no one else =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim..i have read all your 3 posts about you choosing your civic..congrats! its a been a good info and knowledge for me..neway, how your civic treating you now?
I have a question, perhaps i also in dilema now in choosing my ride. You said that u eliminate the inspira due to local brand..and you had enough with the local brand car..thus u also eliminate the lancer due to resale value, thanks to inspira (correct me if i'm wrong) question, if you just close your eyes to the brand n resale value matter, what would say about inspira/lancer about its quality, reliability, performance, comfort, handling, performance, maintenance and etc..comparing with the civic??

Thanks in advance Lim.

KVINLIM said...

hi, it's been 1.5 years of ownership, and it's been a blessing so far, everything is good. Until today, I'm still truly satisfied with my decision to upgrade my budget to get the civic. to answer your question, inspira is actually lancer, only rebadge. I heard that proton is intending to swap the parts to local, but to what extent by now, i'm not sure. It defeat the whole purpose, as you know proton quality, not to say it's not good, but just that japanese are better. further, I hate the service center for local car, and i will try my best not to repeat the same mistake. on resale, who will want the lancer when it looks like inspira? I dont know you, but subsale on lancer is never on me. purely own opinion. I've tested the lancer and its handling is all good with good power. As I said, when you reach that price range, everything is good already. even the altis is good car, just depends on what you want only. I take civic anytime than a lancer, mainly because of honda, and resale value.

KVINLIM said...

buying car is an emotional process, if you buy car by ignoring the brand, then china car is actually very good value. we know why we upgrade our car, main reason is to show off! Don't fight the intention, or you will spend money on car and feel miserable. If civic is 50k, i'm sure it's not as glamour. so high price tag does give you a sense of achievemnet in this world, and not to mention the envy eyes from other road users. maybe it's just me =)

Ryde Business Boy said...

Bro i just bought a 2008 Civic. It feels so good to drive it...A sense and pleasure in driving...just exhilarating...i cant describe...It fits in my budget well...planing to do some changes soon exterior and interior" pimping" hehee....anyway do let me know which is the good Civic club which i can join

A Civic Newbie

fudge said... looking for either fd1 or fd2...but i just wanna ask u..hows the 1.8 performance?if i buy this car it wld be my daily ride to office...currently my car is stick and i enjoy driving it everyday..we all well-know about the fd2 performance..but the price still high as i got another big payment to make everymonth(my new under construction house)..


KVINLIM said...

For Civic Forum, check out
One of the most active Civic club in Malaysia.

Fudge, it's hard to justify performance, depending on what you compare with. If you are upgrading, rest assure 1.8 is more than enough for daily drive. The 2.0 has more power in higher rpm range, allowing you to continue push to higher speed. For 1.8, I'm happy with the performance, and the fuel consumption. You can comfortably overtake any vehicle in city, and little challenge in highway. If you are looking for racing / aggresive driving, forget about 1.8 and buy the 2.0. As you will be wasting more money modying the 1.8. Also 1.8 has better resale value, so make up your mind.

fudge said...

wah fast reply...thxx!! a stick oriented..but as my wife only manage to drive AT soo i need to opt for AT... of-cos i like aggressive drive but im not speed demon on highway...but yes sometimes i like to wife new car is AT..and after few long journey drive(not city drive)i feel like humm not bad if i opt for AT and i love this 8th generation civic..if i have more budget ofcos i wld buy the 2.0 doch not soch...
ok i wanna ask u.. what's your opinion if i buy fd2..2.0 06/07 car bcoz the car almost more than 7years ady..

coffee_clover said...

Hi Lim ! im planning to buy a 2nd hand 1.8 2006 civic.. can u advice me how to check the car is in a good condition ? especially the engine. TQ :D

KVINLIM said...

Just a point to note that I'm not car expert myself, so I have little knowledge in checking a car. Normally i send my car to a known mechanic to check the conditions instead. Things to look out for:
1. Engine normally not much problem, look out for vibration and smoothness
2. check undercarriage for any sign of crash, wear and tear, and abnormality
3. open boot and bonnet to check for crash, wear and tear and abnormality
4. try to buy from individual rather than dealer, as dealer tend to temporary repair the car while everything start breaking after weeks

Unknown said...

Hi kvinlim

How your civic?
I plan to buy this 8 gen civic year 2011 instead of 9th gen but recently I read at 8gen forum the 1.8 model is having steering pum host and rack issue cost 3 to 6k.

Just wondering if the new fd facelift is still having such issue not to forget the bearing tyre issue?

KVINLIM said...

Aziz, both issues that you mentioned is never heard of for myself, and no such problem on my civic as well.

my civic has been very well so far, everything still intact and it still feels like new car despite more than 2 years old now. Suspension still ride good and tight, everything is still good.

Unknown said...

Good to hear that.

I read in 8gen forum that mentioned prevly there is a product campaign or recall for civic fd1 due to power steering host leak and steering rack issue. Just wondering since the recall only for fd1 2006 till 2008 does facelift version still having simmilar problem?

BTw what is ur fd1 mileage currently?

Headitchy said...

Kvinlim, need ur help. My civic 1.8 2012 is very high fc, full tank (pump 43 litres) only manage to go 340~350km, what u suggest me to do and which service centre that u recommend me to go?

KVINLIM said...

Hi, your FC is pretty normal for a Civic in town drive with traffic. If you are getting that on highway cruise, then it's a problem. Send to SC and tell them high FC issue, they will normally reset your ECU and check the AFR. That should solve the problem. SC everywhere is the same so far my experience, so I choose the one nearest to my house. Some got extra stamping for free wash la, free engine oil la and stuff, but i look for conveniency...

Headitchy said...

Thanks kvinlim. So will take ur advise to reset the ECU, but what is AFR?

attap said...

Hai, saya baru saja ambil civic 1.8 2009 facelift. Diamond tail lights.

Dari apa yg saya baca dari forum, your blog etc, saya perlu beri perhatian pada :

1. Wheel bearing. Setakat ini saya belum check dan tidak tahu berapa harga kalau wheel bearing probs.

2. Hydraulic steering wheel. My friend told me he changed already the hydraulic system.

3. Noise. Nothing much. Honestly from a myvi to civic 1.8, much different lah.

4. FC. Ok. Very fuel economic.

Thanks for your review.

Lee said...

Owned this Honda Civic FD since 2007. Still owning it now! Very good car. For the past 9 years, I've replaced AC compressor clutch, power steering pump, starter, engine mounting, that's all. Overall its a superb car. Now the 10th generation is very delicious too!

Unknown said...

Beli 2007..skrg 2019 baru tau sy punyer fd1 haha. Thn ke-6 tukar all wheel bearing sbb started meraung n tukar tayar Michelin ST (silent tune). Thn ke-9 all absorber chg n tyre..renew life. Tahun 2019..engine multiple stain n leaks..tukar all necessary seals n no more leak. Started guna semi-syntetic eng oil. Now bearing meraung balik since last changed 5-6thn dulu..ok la. Now i know how good it is..sbb apa org guna honda. Sudah rare on the road 2019 ni.

JackL2019 said...

Hi bro kvinlim.. I planning to buy Fd 2006 civic. The owner told me, he did modify cooling fan follow aircon not as standard follow engine signal. What motive he did the modification? Did this modification will effect high fuel consumption and performance because the cooling fan didnt have signal to slow down when we hit on speed. Need your advise and suggestions.

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