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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kong Sai Zai Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Puchong

We are heading into Puchong for errands and suddenly we are craving for protein source, which come best from fish or chicken. For lunch, chicken is always the best choice to fill my always hungry stomach, so my wife recommended us over to pay Kong Sai Zhai Chicken Rice a visit. Something new to me, let's go.

This is the Kong Sai Zhai Chicken Rice located in Puchong. I noticed there is another new shop beside it also painted the same colour, probably they are expanding or moving to the new shop. Look at the chair outside, it's there for the dinner session instead. Once the nightfall arrived, they will set-up tables & chairs all around the outside of the shop, road side dinner experience.

They also have two more branches over the Petaling Jaya, located in Bandar Sunway Mentari and Paramount. The latter being the main branch of the shops. Understand that quality is similar, so no problem.

Steamed Kampung Chicken for two and it looks like it's poached instead of steamed. Funny, but it's nice nonetheless. Kampung chicken texture is a little hard as expected but it's easy to eat. Very little fat and it taste not bad. If you ask me, nothing beat the steamed chicken from Ipoh, and if you compare something nearer, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice I posted earlier has better chicken than this place. However, the specialty comes from the sauce they served. Let's see.

The typical chicken chilies that have mixture of chilies, ginger, and lime. It's a must have for chicken rice, I wouldn't eat the chicken rice without a plate of these. Then come the special signature sauce from Kong Sai Zhai Chicken Rice. I'm not sure what it's made of, but it somehow compliment well with the steamed chicken. Couldn't desribe, or else I would've known what's the recipe. Eat the chicken rice together with both the sauces above, nice.

Ultimate way of eating the Kong Sai Zhai Steamed Chicken, a piece of stripped steamed chicken and a spoonful of their special signature sauce, heavenly like. Somehow the special sauce is quite normal when you started eating it, but you will definitely ask for another plate. Slowly, you will love it.

Another highlight from the restaurant is the Curry Pork Ribs. It's wrapped in the aluminium foil and it's crazily oily. However, it's one of the best curry pork ribs you can find, and my definition of home cook curry pork ribs style alike. My mum's curry is similar to this, and it's giving me so much memories. The pork ribs are so soft and tasty, and of course the potato is delicious as well. My advice is to get a bowl and clear the oil before start eating, or else you will cry that even marathon cant help you. Nice.

A simple plate of vegetables just to balance back the sinful lunch. It's nice but nothing to shout about.

I walloped a total of 3 small plates of the special signature sauce, asked for one more and stole my wife's plate. She doesn't fancy it and she don't know what she is missing =P

A view fo the old shop, simple but effective setting. The place is air-conditioned, so no worries on the hot weather in Malaysia. Don't let the deceiving looks rate down the place, it's better than the photographs, must be my bad skills.

A cooling glass of iced chinese tea. We asked for refill, and the staff didn't seems to be recording it somewhere, free flow perhaps.

The lunch bill came up to a total of RM35.70 only and obviously there is no tax or whatsoever. They don't break down the price so I'm not sure how much each plate cost. It's surprisingly reasonable considering the popularity they are enjoying. However, that should be reasonable price, and if they hike it a little, I think they will lose many customers who prefer affordable quality food. It's a nice experience for good steamed chicken rice whenever you are hungering for it. I will definitely be back to try out their other specialty like the Pig's Stomach Soup, Kong Sai Style Taufu Balls, and Braised Yam & Pork Belly. Review thumbs up for the Kong Sai Zhai Chicken Rice!

Kong Sai Restaurant
44-G, Jalan Puteri 5/2.
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Tel: 019-2088 249 or 019-3290 382
Opening Time: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10pm (Closed on Monday)
Location Coordinate: N3 00.954 E101 36.860

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