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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beef Noodles @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop, Penang

In my earlier post of Lam Ah Coffee Shop, I mentioned there is another famous Beef Soap Koay Teow in the same coffee shop, crazily hidden gems in the same shop. I'm still into the Penang food crave thing, yes it's crazy how much we ate in our earlier two trips into the Penang Island. Bear with me for another while, only two more post to go then I'm done with Penang.

Here is a glimpse of the shop selling the good Beef Soup Koay Teow in Penang. It's operated by a young lady and as indicated earlier, this place is also famous as name of calling the beef noodles opposite the Fire Station. Look for Lebuh Chulai and Lebuh Pantai, you wouldn't miss it.

A close up shot of the pretty operator of the beef noodles, young and beautiful lady. A good surprise on the good beef noodles is actually served by her. She gives me a good smile when I'm asking her to give me a pose. There you go buddies, the also famous beef noodles lady. You have it first from me.

We made our order and she started working. We got there in the middle of Saturday and surprising it's a little empty. I do a quick eyes around the place and took this shot. The preparation of the ingredients is waiting around the corner for our enjoyment.

While we are enjoying our Fried Oyster as in my earlier post, the famous beef noodles arrived. I've tested lots of beef noodles and I would say this bowl of Beef Noodles fall only in the middle group with not bad nor good rating. The ingredients are fresh but the soup is a little plain to my liking. However, there is always a reason for it being popular, it's quite nice nonetheless. I love particularly the beef meat and the beef intestines. Such soft and tasty but still go together very well with the beef soup.

The standard bowl of this famous beef noodle is price at RM7.00 while the bigger bowl will cost you an additional more RM1.00 for your sinful appettite. If you are into beef noodles when you are in Penang Island, I can't seem to find anything better than this. As said, there are better beef noodles, but this one will have my vote for one of the best beef noodles, if not number 1.

Beef Soup Koay Teow @ Lam Ah Coffee Shop
Crossroad of Lebuh Chulia & Lebuh Pantai
Location Coordinate: N5 24.925 E100 20.367
Opening time: 10.30am till 4.30pm (closed on Sunday & Public Holiday)

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