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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nyonya Imperial Restaurant @ Puchong

My best friend came down last month to be torture by the jimui, so I gather up another high school friend for a dinner eat out. He suggested for us to try out the Nyonya Imperial located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, as we all have already try the Bumbu Bali but would like some local spicy food. A little reluctant because it's a Friday night and as you know the traffic condition in Puchong. Problem is, my friend is staying in the Puchong, so no choice, let's go. Another place to explore anyway.

The main entrance of the Nyonya Imperial Restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The restaurant occupies the ground floor and the first floor, but somehow the first floor is not open, probably only open when there are more customers. Anyway, I think that's stupid because it makes the place so dark and those that dont know the place might think it's another run-down restaurant in the process of bankruptcy. The lighting along the corridor is also too dark, please dimmed up the dining place for the ambience enough already! Light up the rest to show people that you are there. As expected, when we got in, only a few tables are occupied.

As we made our order, I snapped away and noticed the decoration within the shop is actually quite nice. The ground floor has minimum tables, like less than 10 for a two shoplots space and an open space staircase lead to the first floor, which is sadly not open. It's a nyonya dining place, I don't understand why they put the chinese traditional marble table & chairs around. Funny, makes me think that this is bought cheap over from the Old Town opposite. But the tables we are seating is alright, comfy sofa with solid chairs for those prefer otherwise.

There are five of us and we decided to feast away! In total, we ordered 5 dishes, basically each of us will need to order something, therefore the results are crazy.

Assam Gulai Nanas priced at RM19.90. My friend ordered this and it's something special from the menu. With the name and the ingredients, I'm not sure what this is. It's a seafood assam plate or appetizer plate? I'm not sure, but with the name nanas in it, it's sour and spicy. The prawn is good with a mixing of the vegetables served and the sour spicy sauce, it's nice. But it's covered by the better food down there. I might go straight to the Tom Yam Soup later which have the same prawn served.

Curry Chicken Kapitan priced at RM14.90 is nice and taste good. The gravy is so thick that it won't flow from your spoon, just kidding =P The chicken is fresh, tendered and juicy. The gravy is so good that we almost lick the sauce from the plate, or maybe it's only me willing to lick it. Nice kapitan style.

Oyster Omelette priced at RM11.90. The oyster is good but the eggs is bad. After tasting the best Oyster Fried Egg in Penang, I think nothing else can satisfy me. But this plate is less than ok, the egg is too thin and tasteless. Try their other omelette dishes perhaps, that's why I blog so you no need to eat those not good food anymore.

Kangkong Belacan priced at RM9.90. Again some greens to balance the meal, but a highlight is the little fried prawn served together. It's crunchy and slight salty taste give a good twist to the original kangkong belacan. We all hunting to get a scoop of it when taking the kangkong, hehe.

I fancy some spicy food that day so ordered up the Tom Yam Seafood Soup priced at RM19.90. This is the cheapest food of the night! This bowl of Tom Yam can easily serves 10 bowls and yet it's only charged RM19.90. Look at the generous amount of prawns & seafood, it's cheap until I cannot believe. Anyway back to the quality, it's super good as well! Most important taste in Tom Yam is sour & spicy and this pot have both of them best! If I'm coming back, definitely because of this pot of Tom Yam Soup. I walloped 3 bowls that night.

I ordered up the Cendol to cool down the spicy food, and it's priced at RM3.00 only.

My wife playing safe took up Fresh Soya Bean priced at RM2.30. It's warmed and nice. Not too sweet and full of soya taste.

Then the rest of the funny bunch is very adventurous, playing with all kind of stuff in their glass! Starting from left, we have Rose Syrup Selasih at RM2.60, Lemon Barley at RM2.30 and the Rainbow Lychee at RM4.90. Surprising all the drinks are actually quite affordable, you should forget about the Old Town / Papparich and get a drink here for for WIFI connection. Cheap place to yumcha.

Despite the cheap food, the dinner total amount still add up to RM111.30 including 10% service charge. It's very cheap by any means as the amount of food that we had that night is enormous. The serving is huge and we even ordered additional steamed fragnant rice, which is a little pricy in my opinion, priced at RM1.60 each bowl. Anyway I have no complain, it's definitely a nice Nyonya eating outlet and much more affordable than the Bumbu Bali or other most upclass dinner restaurant. Good thing is the food are great and the decoration is nice as well. Whoever call me for recommendation to Nyonya food, try this one out first. For that price, you will never complain and give me a thumb up as well.

Some more photos for your viewing.

Nyonya Imperial Restaurant
No. 1, Jalan Puteri 2/6
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 017-681 3608
Opening Time: 9.00am till 9.00pm
Location Coordinate: N3 01.419 E101 37.071


Anonymous said...

This restaurant food is lowsy and expensive. And there is nothing nyonya about it. Just a fancy restaurant opened by some rich man.

KVINLIM said...

The place serves kerabu, assam prawn, kapitan, otak otak, pandan chicken and etc. So yes, it's a nyonya restaurant. On food quality, it's not the best out there and yes, it's a little pricey. That's why I always indicate price so that you know what to expect. Sorry that you didn't enjoy your food there.

izzu said...

hi, blog owner. i just wonder whether this is halal restaurant or not ? i would like to organize buka puasa event here. the food that you captured, look delicious !!!

Anonymous said...

no it not halal

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