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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SS2 Durian Station @ Petaling Jaya

The season of Durian or know as King of Fruit is finally back and the street of SS2 is filled with crowd again, all swarming the durian stalls for a taste of the best durian in the town. There are four stalls along the road and we decided to give it a try on this one, named SS2 Durian Station. We didn't go for the remaining three stalls because here seems to have most durian stocks and choice.

Look at the crowd around the stalls! We basically waited for a table for almost 15-20 minutes. Didn't know there is so many people and need to wait so long. We nearly left, but luckily we got our table.

While my family is ordering the Durian, I snapped photos for your entertainment needs. Gorgeous little spiky durian, wondering why it's so tasty. Sinful little spiky piece of fruit.

So here is the variety of Durian available in this place, namely the Raja Kunyit, Tekkah, Udang Merah, XO and D24 is most famous, in my opinion. If you notice, there is no price indication for Raja Kunyit and Tekkah, it's for your guess.

We saw these baskets before deciding to eat in this place. Lots of choice and won't run out of stocks of our choice of Durian =) So let's feast.

First to come is the Raja Kunyit or known as "Mao San Wong" in cantonese. This Durian alone is going to cost you from RM40 onwards and it's the best Durian you can find. It's so good that Stanley Ho, Macau Tycoon, fly in his private jet to Singapore to get Malaysia's best durian last year at RM38/kg. He spent nearly RM5,000 for the durians, but it's nothing compare to his jet fuel! It's so good and there go the commercial effects, all jacking up their price now further.

You might ask, if it's Malaysia's best durian, why he buy in Singapore? Answer is, Singapore pay S$ and if you are durian dealer, will you sell your best durian to neighbour country that can pay much higher, than keeping it in Malaysia? Simple question, simple answer. Therefore no doubt, to taste the best Malaysia's durian, go to Singapore, but prepare to pay a premium as well.

The highlight of the Raja Kunyit is the funny shape of its seed. It's not round and it's crooked and very small. Some calls it seedless Durian and the durian meat does not stick to the seed. You just eat and everything is pull off to your mouth left only the seed on your hand. What so special? The taste is good and lots of durian meat for your enjoyment as the seed is small.

A shot of my wife holding up a big Mao San Wong durian for her enjoyment. Notice the missing seed of the durian, she has to hold it very carefully or else the durian meat will drop off. She is very happy that day.

Here is how the Raja Kunyit seed looks like. Crooked but nice.

If you ask me, I don't think Raja Kunyit worth the price. It's nice but the price doesn't do the justice. For that price, I can have 3-4 already good durians, and possibly lots more satisfaction. It's commercialised and it's all glamour only for now. I'm sticking to the normal durians for sure. Just for a try of what the richest is getting. Once is enough. They are not so far away, for sure.

With the hefty price tag on the Raja Kunyit, we try on the next type of Durians and this time, we have XO Durian. Good thing eating at this kind of durian stall is that you get to see it before taking it. They will open up the durian for you to check and take it. If not good, you can always reject it. So call the "guarantee eat" scheme they are putting up.

XO Durian is also nice and as the name implies, it's a little bitter like XO! Yes, that's a nice taste to have in a Durian. It's sweet and bitter at the same time, a good twist of the flavour to tickle your tastebud. We have 3-4 of this durians, lost count.

This is my sister's spoon and as you can guess, she is eating durian with the spoon. Crazy fella, she said later the hand smelly. But then what's the point! haha ... first time I see people eat durian with spoon.

The best drinks to go with the heaty King of the Fruits, of course is the coolest Coconut drinks. It will just wash down everything and cool down your body after the heaty food. It's rather expensive though, costing us RM4.00 for each coconut. But necessary to avoid getting sick.

The whole durian feast session cost around RM100 for 4-5 pieces of the durians, where the main contributor come from the Raja Kunyit of course. If you skip that, it's kind of affordable. I would say stick to XO Durian, it's good so far. I would avoid the durian buffet if can, because normally they will mix up the type of durian for you and you might get kampung durian which is famous for inconsistency in taste. One bite and it's too late. You got to finish up the whole thing before moving up to another type. I prefer to pay a little more and choose what I want. Your choice.

Some other stalls along the road for your enjoyment. It's all crowded, crazy.

Pahang Durian and sadly I think they finished up their stocks already. Only left a few durians around, so we move to another stall.

Donald's Durian and Quality is their priority! Also empty rack as you can see.

Durian SS2 showcasing their website, and I checked out the website, minimal information but you will be able to see exactly how each type of Durian looks like. Durian also online now ok!


Unknown said...

Good news for durian lovers!!!

We will be opening our Durian Festival @ Carrefour Subang Jaya (main entrance) from 27 April 2011 until end of durian season

We will also be having Durian Appreciation Nite whereby you will be able to taste 4 to 5 variety of top branded durian including the famous "mao san wang" in one session. Please email me if you are interested to participate. Our durian expert will answer all your durian questions. Price: not confirmed yet

Email me @ if you need more info or visit

fui lin said...

so nice picture..ho
i like eat durian at ss2 durian station^^..the new stall..good, sedap & never forget it. the stall boss tell me that have Durian festival at subang jaya..i will not miss it oso..^^yum yum!

Anonymous said...

im coming tomorw,....hahahah get it ready..

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