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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Daily Grind, Best Burger in Town

I've been missing in action for a long time, because of a long busy end of the year in both personal & career works. Anyway, back tracked all the way till 14th October 2010, we officially marked the 10th year anniversary of my relationship with my wife. Thanks to all the wishes to our 10 year relationship marathon, and thankfully it is still going strong =)

I have heard of this special place in Bangsar Village from a friend of mine that they serve a true gourmet burgers, named The Daily Grind. Without hesitation, I decided to take his advice to celebrate our anniversary. Let's skip the romantic story and go straight to the food =P

The Daily Grind is located in the Bangsar Shopping Complex and it is brand new and visible from the road side occupying the lower ground floor of the complex.

The entrance is small but it's decorated tastefully of underground subway decors. The restaurant is basically separated into two sections with a bright opening as you can see before the counter, and another dimmer dining tables inside the restaurant.

A common romantic lighted interior with comfortable setting is giving out true ambience for a good dining experience. However, it's a little empty when we got there, maybe because it's a weekday night, and its expensive menu keeping people away. Read on, it's not that expensive also.

This place is famous for their gourmet burgers and you can basically find everything about burgers here. So obviously our choice in dedicated heavily on burgers.

The first dish to come is the Lamburgerni priced at RM28.00, recommended by my friend. As the name suggest, it's a lamb burger and looking at the size, it's not something that you can take it up and start chewing. The burger serving is huge with generous fresh vegetables topping & fries. The juicy lamb is also thick and once you put a piece of it into your mouth, you will immediately know why you will want to come back. It's so so delicious with all it's soft tendered marinated lamb, fresh vegetables topping, soft wholemeal bread and avocado with sauce. Forget about the fries, my tastebud is blinded with the taste of the lamburgerni at the moment. Let's move on, can't stop.

The next upcoming is the Tarragon Mushroom Chicken Burger priced at RM28.00. I ordered extra Cheddar for this particular burger with extra RM5.00 of my sinful appetite. As usual, a generous thick serving of chicken with overfilling mushroom and the melted cheese, what a sight. The chicken taste is normal comparing to the lamburgerni but the cheddar & mushroom make up for it. Again the sauce is tasty but I would prefer the Lamburgerni anytime, even with the cheddar added.

My good friend particularly mentioned the good ketchup & chilli sauce served in the restaurant. I try it out and it's a little weird. It's grinded (explaining the restaurant name?) and chilli is not spicy at all. It's a good add-on to the already good burger, but I wouldn't want anything else to ruin the good tasting burger meat served. I have the fries with it but I thought it's normal. My friend loves it so much and I think he walloped a bottle back =P

Another highlight of the night is the Chocolate Hazelnut Shake priced at RM14.00. If you are visiting this place, forget about everything and order only their shake. No matter what shake. Their shake is served cold and it's not blended with ice, therefore it's superb smooth with a superb thick shake. I would say this is the smoothest shake you can find around! So good!

Finished the dinner and look around, there is a bar just beside the restaurant serving drinks as well. Nicely decorated and very good place for social and football match. The environment is nice, properly lighted with plenty of comfortable seats for couples as well. I love this place.

The dinner is fabulous and the bill totalled up to RM86.25 with 5% + 10% tax as usual. It's not really expensive for a fine dining restaurant but it's expensive for a burger meal, depending on how you look at it. For that quality of burgers, I will come back anytime to take another bite. Without hesitation, I voted best burgers in Malaysia for this place and although I haven't tested all other burgers, I knowthat it will ended up at least top 3 no matter what. It's a must try for burger or meat lover. You will not regret.

Taking this opportunity to thank my wife for staying together with me for the entire 10 years which equivalent to 3,650 days or 87,600 hours or 5,256,000 minutes or 315,360,000 seconds. With all my love.

The Daily Grind
Bangsar Village
LG 8, Lower Ground
1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 6708
Opening Time: 11am till 11pm
Location Coordinate: N3 07.798 E101 40.259


The Daily Grind said...

Thank you for your kind blog. We are indeed happy that you had a good dining experience with us. We look forward to seeing you, your friends and family at The Daily Grind again.

KVINLIM said...

keep up the good works =)

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