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Friday, May 14, 2010

Yummy Duck Roast House @ Kuchai Lama

Kuchai Lama is really developing fast, few years ago only got a foodcourt with some old shops, now it's booming with condominium, banks and food outlets. Mushrooming fast and I can't keep my blog up to pace with the food outlet opening there!

The next up is the Yummy Duck Roast House that opened up not long ago in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park. Duck lovers, so definitely not going to miss this. Took a shot of the shop, so far so good. Let's look deeper.

The place is nearly empty, but dont judge by that. I went there at 10.04pm (look at the time) for late dinner, so acceptable. And in addition, all tables behind us are full, so not bad.

My wife would like to have rice and it's served with soup. The brown sauce is for the duck & roast pork.

It's midnight, crazy to have rice, so I opted for Hong Kong Plain Noodle Soup. The soup is very delicious and a generous piece of fresh vegetables as well. It goes very well with the green chilis.

Ok, this is the main highlight of the night. We ordered 3-Combinations priced at RM28.00 consisting of the duck, roast pork and charsiew. You can choose what's the mixture, together with either chicken & honey chicken.

The duck is good and the roast pork is also very good. I rate the food based on good, very good, and fantastic/excellent/god-like/incredible/irresistable. So you make the call. It's not a bad shop and the food is real good, but there are much better shop out there. I will be back for another dinner if suddenly I'm craving for duck in the middle of the night. I know this shop won't fail me though, as other duck shop owner is too rich to open at night =P

I don't even mention the charsiew, because it's not worth mentioning. Next time you go there, order just the duck and roast pork. Forget about the rest, because I'm sure that you won't be going there just to have a chicken rice? Yea, let's move on.

The whole bill comes up to RM36.80 with a drink of Black Pearl Soya that's priced at RM4.50. No tax, so you pay for what you eat. It's a little pricy, consider paying it for your weird sudden crave of duck in the middle of the night.

Manage to capture another view of the shop and they are about to close. It's the new shops that facing the main road and you are not going to miss it. Looking back at the night shot quality done by S90, only one word, INCREDIBLE. Can any other compact get this shot? I'm not sure, it's too long since I shoot night view with my old compact. You let me know.

Yummy Duck Roast House
9 Dinasti Sentral
Jalan Kuchai Maju 18
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7981 6299
Location Coordinate: N3 05.446 E101 41.396

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