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Monday, May 3, 2010

IA Kuala Klawang Run - Incredible Experience

The main reason that I dare to buy an Alfa is because of influence from a good friend of mine, but it's the Italia Auto that really gave me the confidence to actually do it. Italia Auto (IA) is formed by a group of Italian Car Enthusiast with registered member of over three thousands as I type. I've been logging the forum since 2007 when my interest in Alfa grows, and all of the members are very friendly and helpful. I got my bella deal from there too.

IA organised a Kuala Klawang Run last weekend, and I took the chance to participate after a year of Alfa ownership. We met up at the Petronas Ampang Jaya and take off from there for a "B" road run across the border of Selangor-Negeri Sembilan to Kuala Klawang. 11 cars show up, here is a peek shot and more to follow.

Beautiful Italian Bella lined up around the quiet town after Kuala Klawang's Spirit Run.

It's been almost 1 year since I owned the 147 and finally I have the free time to join the first run organised by IA. It's incredible. I wake up early in the morning at 6.30am and reach up at the meeting point 7.00am ready for some action. Wait around for a while and one by one bella show up. I did a quick search on the map and found the route as shown below.

This is a map route that we did and basically the run is divided two parts. The first one is nearby the Hulu Langat area, while the second part is after the the B19 road. The whole route is measured 73.4km with average speed of 80-90km/hr. I'm doing mostly 2nd or 3rd gear trying to keep up with the members. Mistaken by a gear shift and I will risk losing their tail, although there is no risk of getting lost, but there is no room to relax.

There are Fiat Coupe that packed punch of over 200bhp, Mitsubishi Lancer owned by Italian enthusiast, Alfa Romeo 156,  Alfa Romeo 147 and a Fiat Bravo GT. Looking around and I can say that my 147 has the least horsepower in the hood within the minimum horsepower of 180bhp count in the group. The owner of Fiat Coupe is kind enough to follow us through the entire route but the experience is unforgettable. The day is a little misty and wet due to rain on the night before.

I'm doing spirit drive over 2nd and 3rd gear following the group, and immediately I realise why there is group of car enthusiast willing to wake up so early for a run like this. They are the kind of drivers that you dont encounter in the city or on the highway. I opened up my sun roof and feel the steering with the tyres that gripped through every corner of the mountainous run. If you love driving & cars, then you will understand what I mean. The superior handling of the bella makes me love her more and wanted to push harder on every corner. As the leading car punched it and pushed through the corner, I followed and the quiet "B" road is filled with the roaring sound of my bella, which I enjoyed.

A truely unforgettable experience when a Fiat Coupe is pushing through the corner with it's turbo waste gate releasing the remaining pressure. I can hear the sound, but not with the car on sight. Just another corner and the Fiat Coupe is already biting my tail. With another push, he is through taking over on right over the next coming corner. The addictive sound is slowly vanishing at the front mountain and I continue to enjoy the moment. Satisfying, bear in mind that I'm also pushing my 147 to limit on every corner. Amazing.

It's good to know that you are not alone with other enthusiast sharing the common interest.
Enough of my self indulging moment, lets look at some photos.

A shot of open hood tradition after the run. The town is not quiet anymore with our presence.

Most incredible Fiat Coupe I've seen. Owned by a very nice chap.

A view of the beautiful rear. Nice.

 A typical modification that every cars in the group possesed, except me. I think they are worry when I'm following, cause I can't break as good. =P 

The only Bravo in the group, nice. Did I mention its turbo-ed?

A peek into the yellow beast, incredibly beautiful for a car of that year.

We stopped at Seremban for a quick lunch and I got back to home before 1.00pm. I'm still enjoying the experience, it reminds me of why I've decided to buy the 147. Love it.

Join the group if you are interested with Italian Cars.

Don't mistaken, I don't get commission for this. Remember my purpose of the blog, its to share my life experience with you. Hope you like it. Cheers.

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