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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles @ Taman Danau Desa

There is a shop in the Taman Danau Desa that's very famous with the fish head noodles. I've been hearing of it for very long time, but never have the chance to try. My parents came down to KL for a visit, so my sister took the chance to bring us to try it out.

Don't be fooled by the photo below, The shop name is Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, not Ho A One Seafood Steamboat. They have taken over the shop for very long time since 2009 but still havent remove the old sign yet. Look clearly, they open from 7.30am till 10.00pm! Impressive, now you know where you can look for some fish head noodles if suddenly you feel hungry at 7.30am or 10.00pm ...

A shot of the front shop, can see even the tables outside are packed!

My dad ordered an additional bowl of fish paste and it's served with vegetables & clear soup. I don't feel anything special about the fish paste or the soup. It's very normal.

There isn't any much choice in this shop, there is only normal fish head, deep fried fish head, fish paste with two type of noodles, yee mee or the one shown above. Obviously I took up the deep fried fish head with normal noodles. Sorry for the photos quality, I forgotten to re-set the S90 before taking this shot. It's taken with ISO800, lots of noise!

Because my wife can't eat fish with bones very well, so I ordered the plain fish meat for her, but the shop said it's not available! What the ... nevermind, I just told her to eat the meat portion and pass me the bones. To my surprise, the bones are crazily a lots!! Look at the photos below!

This is one of the big chunk of fish meat that I've chosen so my wife can eat properly. But after careful checking, there are still lots of small fish bones that can choke you to death! And bear in mind that this piece is the best piece of fish meat that I can find in my bowl! Still ...

This is the result from my bowl, with my experience in eating bones, I'm still having problem in enjoying the meal. My wife didn't eat much too, and she passed me some of her fish.

Overall, the soup is ok, noodles is ok, but the fish bones is NOT ok!!! I don't understand why so many people packed the shop. I asked my dad, my mum and my sister about it, their answer is maybe these people stay around and never go out to eat other fish head noodles. This cannot be the reason, right!? I will never come back to this shop, because there are other much better shop out there, like around in Kuchai Lama. Taste better, much choices and they serve fish meat only (without a single bone) noodles for my wife.

My another complain is the amount of vegetables they put into the bowl. I don't fancy vegetables but I don't have much problem with other shop. This shop just serve too much vegetables until I left over it as above. I'm trying to eat as much as noodles that I can, but there is no way I'm enjoying my meal this way. So bowl abandoned.

Comparing to my wife, she walloped every piece of the vegetables and tell me it's good for health, except for the fish, of course. Hehe...

The experience is bad and it reminds me of my nearly choked to death because of fish bones when I'm still studying in UK. Crazy, I will never come back. Maybe it's just me, I never know so many people is good in eating fish with lots of bones! Just look at the people in the shop, packed from I reached there till I left.

Overall, I do not fancy this shop and I don't think I will go back. The fish bones is the main reason and vegetables issue is secondary but more personal. However, the price here is very cheap, they only charge RM6.50 for a small bowl and RM8.00 for a big bowl. Considerably cheap comparing to other shop, but still, I'm more willing to pay more for a better experience fish head noodles.

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles
Jalan 1/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Kuala Lumpur
Location Coordinate: N3 05.898 E101 41.190

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