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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preparation for KL Marathon 2010

Counting down of 29 days till the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010. I'm tensing up as I've still haven't started any real training. I forced myself for another run yesterday to time myself for improvement over my "leisure" jog over the park last few weeks, and I manage to complete 7km with a mixture of walking & running over 60 minutes. Not very impressive feat, but a slight improvement over the earlier timing.

This time, I also make use of my GPS system to track the mileage and finally confirmed that the park that I'm training in has 0.7km for a complete round. I averaged 4~6kmh in walking and manage to achieve 10~12kmh in running. I ran non-stop for 2.1km (3 rounds) and started walking then continue running whenever I catch up with my breath. I foresee that I would be able to complete the 10km marathon if I keep it up with following plans.

1km: 6:00 - 6 minutes (running at 11km/hr)
2km: 12:00 - 6 minutes (running at 11km/hr)
3km: 18:00 - 6 minutes (running at 11km/hr)
4km: 28:00 - 10 minutes (walking at 6km/hr)
5km: 34:00 - 6 minutes (running at 11km/hr)
6km: 42:00 - 8 minutes (mixture of walking & running)
7km: 50:00 - 8 minutes (mixture of walking & running)
8km: 58:00 - 8 minutes (mixture of walking & running)
9km: 1:06:00 - 8 minutes (mixture of walking & running)
10km: 1:14:00 - 8 minutes (mixture of walking & running)

So I will need to train myself to make sure I can run non-stop for 3km to achieve my dreams and subsequent 8 minutes achievement till 10km. With that, I should still have 16 minutes buffer for any problem.

Then, as advised, a good running shoe is necessary. My old reliable Adidas is running bad due to my intense jogging works and casual wear over last 2 years. I only do Adidas, don't ask why. I went through the Adidas website and found out it's very helpful in helping me to narrow down my search. There are category like road / off road, motion mechanics type, and category. Phew, never thought it's so complicated. Quickly flip through the catalgoeu and I'm eyeing this ... slurp.

Adidas Adizero Tempo cost over RM400.00

It looks simple and not outstanding but costing a massive over RM400. The unique of this shoe, it weighs only 270grams, full all round ventilation (yea, that means water will sip in), adiprene+ at forefoot for propulsion, torsion system at midfoot for integrity, adiprene at heel for comfort and formotion floor for ground adaption.

Sounds like rocket science, yes, it does and that's why it cost so much. Adizero is one of the favourite running show for marathon runner, see if I can get one for myself on this 10km marathon.

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