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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Registration for Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010

I've been gaining weight and it's already started to get out of control. Regular exercise is not going to fit into my busy work schedule and I'm just not committed to my own weight control plan. A friend of mine is pursuing back his target of finishing a full marathon, so I'm thinking, that would be a good way to push myself while getting some achievement of life at the same time. Nice!

He just completed 10km run on the Energiser Night Race and he is registered for half marathon (21km). He is targeting to complete the full marathon by end of the year, ok that's crazy. For first timer like me, I'm a little over confidence of my limit but advised by him to try out before deciding which to join. I did a test and the result is not satisfactory.

0.0km = 0:00.00
0.6km = 4:03.14
1.0km = 7:14.02
1.4km = 11:21.42
2.0km = 14:24.70
2.6km = 23:14.65 (obviously i'm walking, 9 minutes for 0.6km)
3.0km = 27:58.56
3.4km = 32:29.05
4.0km = 35:27.40
4.6km = 40:10.91
5.2km = 46:12.73

My friend told me that a good rule of thumb to know my limit is to run non-stop for half of the journey. Looking at the time record that I get, I'm not qualified for the 5km leisure run that got time limit of 45minutes! Then I know that I only can stretch myself to 10km. I registered for KL Marathon on 27th June 2010 for 10km marathon. The qualifying time for 10km is 1 hour & 30 minutes. As I write, I still have 44 days 2 hours and 14 minutes away from it, I seriously need to start training now!

A full marathon qualifying time limit is 6 hours, and some stretch 9 hours just to prove that they can finish it. Imagine running full 6 hours! Incredible...

For more information on KL Marathon, check out the website below:


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