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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Restoran Million @ Jalan Ipoh

You know, there are lots of these old restaurant dotted around the KL city that have survived over a few generations and we visisted one of it located nearby Jalan Ipoh called Restorant Million. I didn't know this place until my sister brought us over. With five of us in the car, we drive off this find this place.

Restoran Million, located just opposite the Mobil at the U-turn road of Jalan Duta & Jalan Ipoh. It's some very old restoran, so don't expect the hygiene to be fantastic. The parking there is havoc but keep an eye for the barricade cone in front of the shop. If there is an empty space with one of those in front of the shop, then it's privately reserved by the shop, just give it a horn and they will let you park. That's how they do bussiness earlier, and it never change =) Nice touch making me remember those old times.

My family always bring our own tea when we eat outside, not sure what tea is this, but its sure good.

Ok, here comes the most famous Mee Sua with a price tag of RM14. The ingredients inside is crazily alot, just by looking at the photo. We got egg, pork, vegerables, peanut (crunchy and special taste), squid, and prawns. This plate is a must order in Restoran Million, it's so good that I don't need to try other Mee Sua, I vote this as the best Mee Sua in the world. Unexplainable in words, it just stimulate your tastebud and making you ask for more. One plate is not enough, so we got another one in the middle of our lunch =P

ps: dont be fooled by its look, it's better than you can see.

The other highlight is the Porridge. We ordered the Fish Porridge and it's fantastic. An important element of a good porridge is the softness of the rice and it should be blended smoothly with the water. Just like the baby food, it's smooth and don't make you feel that you are eating rice soup instead. This pot cost RM12.00 and it's very big pot. We nearly can't finish it.

This dish is called Crab Meat Ball and it's recommended by the lady owner. It's served with the chilies sauce made by the shop, but there is nothing to shout about this. Not sure why she recommended it anyway. This plate cost RM8.00.

Ok, this is another special dish that should have the highlight. Shanghai Chao Nien Gao (Fried Sticky Rice Sticks) that cost RM14. If you search online about the Restoran Million on this dish, you will be surprise to see that many misunderstood that this dish is the hokkien style Pek Kueh. Doubt if I'm correct? Ask the lady owner there, surprise to find this dish in this shop though. Not sure how it relates but it's available. My sister went to Shanghai last year and she said its the same.

Its not the best food around, but the mee that's made from Chao Nien Gao is special and you should try. It's almost same with Hokkien style, only the mee is very special. Try it, let me know if you like it.

Then since we are so near to the Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu, my mum insisted on the similar Fried Tau Fu that's served there. I personally think this Fried Tau Fu is better than the one from Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu, but my mum said otherwise. Can't remember how much this dish cost, but it's less than RM10.

The food is quite good except the fantastic special highlight of the Mee Sua, but when you are eating in this kind of old shop, there is a rush of nostalgia feeling and even the food is taste nostalgia. Something that's not same when you eat in a new restaurant or other places. I would strongly recommend you to try it out in help serving the one of the oldest restaurant in the city. It's not cheap but nor expensive. It's an old shop, so ladies, don't expect to use the toilet there.

Restoran Million
No. 517, Jalan Tiong
3rd Mile Off Ipoh Road
51100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4041 3245
Location Coordinate: N3 10.969 E101 40.919

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