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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emperor Chicken - Bamboo House @ JB

I'm working in Singapore 5 years ago for almost 6 months and I'm very sick with their food there. It's the same food everywhere and tasteless. My happiest moment is when we decided to get around JB once a week for some local food. One of the restaurant that give me the deepest impression is this Bamboo House.

Bamboo House is an old shop that specialise in Emperor Chicken. I always had my dinner there so I'm not sure if its open for lunch. Forget about what I've said, just enjoy the pictures and try it yourself =)

Emperor Chicken that is priced at RM14.00 and it doesn't come in half or quarter. Wrapped in paper and stimmed with herbs till perfection. The herb taste is so strong and the meat is tendered that you can have it with chopsticks.

A special and funny dish, Hot Plate Otak, priced at RM10.00. It's a must order item for Otak lover but I've got better answer to them in my next post. The dish is so-so but ordered it because it's not available anywhere else.

A signature Malaysian dish, Fan Su Yet in Sambal priced at RM7.00.

The entire dinner for two cost us RM38.00 and we nearly can't finish everything. The shop is located at Taman Sentosa, JB and there is a big-2-shop restaurant beside it which just opened selling the same Emperor Chicken. I can see its bussiness has gone down, but I still prefer Bamboo Foodcourt's Emperor Chicken. Probably a taste of saviour that I never forget when I'm residing in S'pore.

Been consuming this regularly during my stay here in JB =) Yummy.

Bamboo House @ Taman Sentosa, JB
Location Coordinate: N1 29.415 E103 46.068

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