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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sing Gee Restaurant @ JB

In my earlier post, I mentioned there is a better recommendation for Otak Lover, so here it is. Sing Gee Restaurant with its signature Curry Fish Head. Ironically, I think it's signature dish is not the Curry Fish Head because it's ok only. Instead Otak selling there is the best I've ever eaten. Introduced to me by a friend of mine and it's one of my favourite restaurant during my stay in JB.

I'm not really an Otak Lover however I must give a thumb up for this one. A friend of mine even ordered take-away to be kept in refrigerator for the family in KL after trying it 1st time. Somehow he forgotten it and that Otak still freezing in the fridge! Funny.

Let's move on to photos ...

The Sing Gee Restaurant, normally visited during dinner and close at around 10.30pm. Operated by family and packed most of the time. Looks dirty, but ready to be surprised by their food.

The restaurant's signature Curry Fish Head and price depending on size. We ordered the smallest, which is still mid-size and cost us RM20.00.

The recommended best Otak in the World (i've not try enough to find a better one yet) priced at RM10.00 and there's only 1 size available. Order two if you have more than
6 persons. Nearly forgotten to snap photos, only realise after a few bites, heavenly irresistable.

The dinner cost both of us a total of RM40.50 and it's a little pricey. Considering
we (again) nearly can't finish the food, it's worthwhile. For all Otak Lover, try this and you will like it. I will definitely be visiting this shop again if I'm ever in JB next time.

It's hard to try out food with only two person in the group, need some additional members. Will need to talk to my wife tonight =P

Sing Gee Restaurant @ JB
Location Coordinate: N1 32.414 E103 48.118


KJ said... adding members to the group??
How many? A football team?

KVINLIM said...

football team? all six of us joint venture pun tak cukup!!

KJ said...

Hahaha, I know you can do it! Just work harder!!! :P

KVINLIM said...

KJ, the problem is not in making it ... but KEEPING it!!

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