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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alfa 147 with Mille Miglia Emotion Rims

Alright, been blogging about food for quite long, and it's time for some car modifications! Alright, first to come is a new set of rims. I blogged about it in my earlier post, the Mille Miglia Emotion 17x8.

Finally got time and manage to pull my bella over to the "pedicure shop" for some beauty works =)

A view of the shop with my bella being pampered. Hope she likes it ...

All old rims taken off and waiting for the new shoe ...

A chance to take a close look of my loyal disc brake that keep my life hanging. Notice the yellow rod is my adjustable koni absorber and of course, the upgraded Pro RS braided stainless steel brake hose.

The old original 17" rims, with classic cloverleaf design. Lovely, most probably keeping it for my track usage. Hehe.

New shoe doing balancing, another chance to look at how your rims look like when it's in action. Nice transparent view for my future upgrade of Brembo =)
The whole works completed in almost 2 hours and a thumb up for the workmanship quality. The rims look very nice on my 147 and its definitely worth every cent. Glad I spent the time searching for it for almost 4 months. Finally a big smile on my face =)

The Mille Miglia wrapped by the Continental Sport Contact 2 SSR 225x45x17". The traction is superb and very good run in wet surface and rain water pool. A little noise intrusion in high speed though, but I'll bear with it for my safety.

Newly installed Mille Miglia with Alfa Romeo Rim Cap.

The gap between the tyres and body look big, but it's ok when you see it with your own eyes. 18" is too hard to swallow in my dictionary =P

Loving it more and more! The unique design of the rims give a special aura character to the bella. It matched perfectly with Alfa Romeo's design. That's why I like Alfa Romeo special PCD98 rims.

Hope you guys enjoy it also. Cheers.


Wai said...

fuiyo.. very nice man..

ei.. how do u determine the offset of ur wheels ah? until now i still dun quite understand how they actually do this -_-

i feel like changing into Brembo also but Endless also looks good. haih... see how first la. Maybe u change and i find out from u how good it is.

KVINLIM said...

offset is set by the rims itself, depending on the design and thickness of the bolt connecting place. you will need to know what is your original rim offset that determine by the suspension design, so you can find the same one to avoid looking funny.

say your original rim offset is +35mm, then if you get anything more than that, your tyres will come off the body and vice versa. most like it that way because it looks better and wider. You can add spacer to increase the rim offset, but i always prefer fit connection, so the choice is yours.

before changing to brembo, you must also see the rims design if it can fit the brembo caliper, if not enough space, then spacer is something you need. do you know how much a pair of brembo caliper cost? surprised me that you got little budget for body & paint work, but thinkning of brembo =)

Wai said...

not quite la. I think i already spent quite alot on the body&paintwork + new rims and some other exterior adjustments.

For interior i think i will touch abit (but not that much) whereas performance wise, i think this brembo is the last thing which i will invest but just keep this in mind loo...

see how la. dun wan spent too much as i wan to put some money in wedding fund also :P

KVINLIM said...

the sequence of my modification priority is as following:

exterior aesthetic value -> interior quality -> organ performance -> safety measure -> more organ performance -> more safety measure -> more and more ...

throwing in brembo for your 1.5 iDSL for what!?

Wai said...


Exterior more or less done except for tinting which im going to do this week.
Interior i wont touch anything yet.
Performance: Open Pod, VS, performance engine oil, lighten crank pulley.
Handing: full set UR bars. still figting in mind to go for wat brakes. I think Brembo is abit overkill. Im thinking go for Wilwood.

Others in mind:
ECU piggyback, bored throttle body.

then no more liao..

KVINLIM said...

+ remove your cats!
+ 12" sub
+ decent head unit
+ 4 channel amplifier for your speakers
+ 2 channel amplifier for your sub

photos please!

Wai said...

orh, yeah, forgot.
Exhaust system is in the schedule too. Changing to 4-1 extractor and de-cat lo..

Audio i not a huge fan like u guys la. But getting a decent 2 din ICE that supports GPS/Iphone Support would be best but that would be last last mod edi. ^^

Touch exterior and performance + handling first. Interior serves no value-add yet. haha..

Photos will come very soon. When are u going back?

KVINLIM said...

going back on the haji holiday ... see you there?

Wai said...

sorry la bro. the Haji weekend got event with Team City club at Seremban. >.<"

But if i were to ffk them i will let u know.

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