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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Future of Personal Mobility

It seems like we are not so distant away from the future prediction of no need in walking or running anymore. Honda has developed the personal mobility device codenamed U3-X, that is scheduled to be launch very soon. It has been tested and released to the public media.

It featured self-balancing
technology that is developed by Honda for it's first robotic machine ASIMO. The wheel itself is also complicated with smaller wheel installed perpendicular to the main drive that allow any direction movement. Will it cost a bomb? Please expect it does, but same as all technology, eventually it will become affordable to everyone. However, the wheel seems small and fragile, can it be use outdoor? Not sure, but again as technology develop, it will eventually.

Some specifications. Fully charged, it is ready to roll for entire hour at maximum speed of 6km/hr. It weighs around 10kg and controlled by body weight on the sit pad. Rumour it is scheduled to be public released on the 41st Tokyo Carshow, that's 24th October 2009 =)

Welcome to the future. Honda, the REAL Power of Dreams.

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