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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kuey Tiaow Kia - Restaurant Dang Ren @ JB

I've got lots of overdue post that pending my input, but no choice, too busy with my work. So the plan is to clear out the food review ASAP and spend more time to blog about my life experiences.

This time, I have something special to introduce. Every places have their own local specialty that's not able to be copied over to another state, no matter if the chef move over. The reason is plainly due to the cultural values and ingredients sourcing. A good example are famous Nga Choy Kei from Ipoh, Bakuteh from Klang, Nam Heong Kopi from Kemaman and etc.

How about JB? The answer is Kuey Tiaow Kia. I assured you that those that have never been to JB would never know about this food. I don't know it existed also until a local friend told me about it. So the hunt is up to find the best one around, we ended up here.

Restoran Dang Ren that claimed to sell the secret Kuey Tiaow Kia recipe from ancestor on Kuey Tiaow Kia. The shop is located in Johor Jaya and it opened for lunch and dinner. The signboard mentioned fish head also, but it's not something available.

A typical food store and you will be wondering what is so special about it. The setting are simple, all foods are cooked and pre-prepared for serving. Take a good look at the wall, recommended by Ho Chak from 8TV and it's not hard to realise why. Make your choice of the food you want from the counter, and they will serve it to your table.

Kuey Tiaow Kia. It translate to "little" kuey tiaow, the same type of noodle used for Char Kuey Tiaow. Take a sip and you will think differently. The Kuey Tiaow is smooth, almost similar to Ipoh's Kuew Tiaow, and the soup is heavenly tasty. A mixture of bakuteh style and tasted a little funny in the beginning. But as you continue consuming it, you will notice you finish up the entire bowl fast without needing the aunty to wash it, cause it's licking clean. Ok, a bit to much, but just an idea to express it =) Alternatively, rice are also available.

Teow Chiew Style, stewed porks, eggs, pork intestine, and etc. This is a common plate that go with the Kuey Tiaow Kia, in fact, it tasted quite good and fit nicely with the Kuew Tiaow Kia. It's the same around in JB and it's part of the Kuey Tiaow Kia serving. Do not think this is the same as what we can get in KL, it's better.

Some additional order of pork ball and fuchuk.

I'm not able to find Kuey Tiaow Kia in KL or Ipoh, so it's only available in Johor. It is a common food in food court around JB but none of them is as good as this shop. I've heard there are some better Kuey Tiaow Kia in JB downtown, but I'll stick to this to fulfill my desire for current time.

An internal view of the shop. Simple, comfortable, and windy. The big screen at the end of the shop is not a LCD, but back mirror for owner to keep an eye on their customer. Hehe, it's JB ma.

The entire lunch for two cost me less than RM15. The cheapest option for us to indulge one of the best local food. Who say it need to be expensive to be a food blogger? =P

Restaurant Dang Ren @ JB
Location Coordinate: N1 32.555 E103 47.585

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