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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mille Miglia Rims

I've been looking for a set of rims long before I got my ride, and finally found this.

Mille Miglia Emotion 17x8 PCD98. It weighs 24lbs each and fully imported.
Some photos for your viewing pleasure =)

* if you noticed the PCD is 98, which is special for my ride. Very hard to find. Normal car got PCD of 100 or 114.3. Of course, I can always fit an adapter to change the 100 to 98, but that feels not original =P further scared of wobbling when running at 210km/hr. hehe

Nice? Hope you say yes, because this piece of alloy cost almost a month salary. Going to hook it up to my ride soon and post some more photo.


TNS said...

how much? what is the offset? can clear 4 pot brembo?

KVINLIM said...

I heard a new set will cost around 4-5k but I got mine 2nd hand at 2.5k and spent 0.5k re-cond the rims. That's why it looks new.

The offset is +35mm, and it looks good on the 147. I will post up more photos, so keep checking. Not sure about brembo though, never check. Maybe you can let me know =)

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