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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D

My birthday is coming soon and my lovely wife bought me a present. A lens from my wish list, the Nikkor AF 50mm f1.8D. For all info, she actually bought me the D90 earlier and she just keep on adding "new member" into the family. Thank you and love you always.

Before un-packing of the new member into the family.

The lens is tiny (comparing to my 18-105mm) and come bare without any lens hood, pouch or etc.

The design is retro and looks very nice when fitted to the D90. However, the focus ring will actually turn and you shouldn't touch the focus ring or it will block and probably damage the internal mechanism. The lens is also not fitted with motor, so AF in lower specs dSLR is not possible. That's why it's so cheap, quoted RM468 from Nikon website. Love my D90. Here is the specs:

Lens Construction (Elements/Groups): 6/5
Picture Angle with 35mm (135) format: 46(deg)
Picture Angle with Nikon DX Format: 31(deg)30'
Minimum f/stop: 22
Closest focusing distance: 0.45m/1.5 ft.
Maximum reproduction ratio :1/6.6
Filter Attachment Size: 52mm
Dimensions (approx.) (from the camera’s lens mounting flange): 63.5 x 39mm
Weight (approx.): 155g

I preferred this lens over others because it is a FX lens, for full frame Nikon dSLR. The APS-C sensor size Nikon dSLR is called DX, which equivalent to 1.5x crop of the FX sensor. So if you are using the DX lens on a FX camera, you will be limited by its lens design and cannot make full use of the full frame sensor. This lens will follow me if I suddenly decided to go full frame in future =P hehe ...

A virgin shot when trying out the lens at the shop. Fall in love with the bokeh effect, brightness, colour and sharpness. Fantastic!

For my friends that are looking into fast lens as well, this 50mm FX lens will be actually 75mm focal length in D90 due to the DX design. So bear that in mind, and it will be more suitable for portrait shooting. If you are in serious consideration for normal prime lens, 35mm f/2D will be perfect, but price is slightly on the high side quoted RM1,358 at Nikon website. Or if you have a tight budget like me, this lens is perfect and will serve you well in all low light situation. Will post more sample later.

A warm welcome to the new fast lens into the D90 family. And never forget, thank you my loupoh. =)


Wai said...

veli geli lar u... :P

But damn nice man the lens :D

KVINLIM said...

what so geli? you havent start buying lens yet?

Wai said...

me? no la.. where got money buy with you poisoning me on car mods hehe..

KVINLIM said...

what da! you come and ask me to help you then now you said i poison you??

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