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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kedai Hong Kong Oil Chicken & Roast Duck @ Ipoh

It's been a while since I go back Ipoh, so this time, I'm craving for some local specialty that I have been consuming since kindergarten. I suppose as a Ipoh guy, I should have introduce more Ipoh food for all of you, so let's see.

The best duck rice in Ipoh, but I think it's also the best in Malaysia. I haven't found another duck rice that's better than this one, agreed by my wife. Sometimes it's personal preference, but duck lover wouldn't want to miss this.

The two shoplots entrance located at Tasek. Been eating here since I'm in Kindergarten.

The interior also has a classic ipoh food outlet look that has never been changed since long long time.

All hanging, ready to be served. Notice the lower left got the "cha yuk", fried pork. It's also heavenly good.

We ordered half a duck priced at RM18.00 and two rice at RM1.00 each. The duck is still hot and tender in juice. The skin is very crispy with some herbal taste sauce underneath.

I personally think this is better than some famous duck rice shop in PJ, but as I said earlier, it's personal preference. This shop have a branch at Klang with different name but it taste almost the same. I shall post it up in later time.

Hot day, so we ordered the herbal tea priced at RM2.00. It's a little expensive but it's good.

The total bill come to RM22.00. If you only come with your spouse, then half duck is all you want. It's never enough for either me or my wife if we order anything less than half a duck. But if you do have a bigger group, try out the "siew yok" and it's local food that's ready made at the counter. Oil Chicken is so so, and I have better recommendation in Ipoh, if you are craving for it.

Kedai Hong Kong Oil Chicken & Roast Duck
Located at Tasek in Ipoh, it's just right across the Tasek T-junction traffic light that connect to Jusco and Ipoh Town. Ipoh people will never miss it.
Location Coordinate: N4 39.041 E101 06.262


Wai said...

eh.. mana ini? look damn nice man..

must try ^^

KVINLIM said...

dont tell other people that you are from Ipoh ok. Tasek Duck Rice also dont know?!

Wai said...

T.T really dunno.. paiseh..


KJ said...

What did I say about not posting Ipoh food here??? I have to go for my second lunch!!

KVINLIM said...

you said dont post malaysian food here ... so i posted ipoh food ... if you dont like then later i will post up some KL food instead =) or JB food?

kj, 2nd lunch can settle??

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