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Monday, August 24, 2009

dSLR or Compact Camera?

Lots of my friend are asking me why buy the dSLR when Compact Camera nowadays are already very good. They even said they can match the dSLR with their compact camera. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's see it.

Photo taken with my Canon Powershot A570IS that retailed at RM1,000 when I bought it 2~3 years ago. I can't get any lights into the camera with Auto mode, so I turned to Manual and set exposure to +0 and ISO200 (the highest ISO with acceptable noise quality). Size: 3074x2304.

Photo taken with my new D90 with kit lens at auto mode. Size: 4288x2848.

The shot is taken at Old Town Kopitiam @ Ipoh. Both cameras White Balance are set at Auto Mode and this is what I get. Notice the lighting and colour? Ok, people that know about photography will argue that D90 looks better because of White Balance and ISO setting. It's auto for white balance, and there is an explanation on different ISO setting also. Lets look at the next photos.

A570IS's photo cropped at 100%

D90's photo cropped at 100%

Even with the different in ISO setting, D90 still able to produce a much much better photo comparing to the compact camera. That's the advantage of bigger sensor size. Everyone knows that dSLR is superb in quality but yet still want to debate over its capability and compare to the Compact Camera.

Let's face it, dSLR is the camera that you will want to take good photos, and Compact is something that you would want for lightweight and easy carry.

Full story of Reason to Buy a dSLR coming soon. Peace =P


Wai said...

No need compare.. like comparing ferrari and kancil.. mana boleh... DSLR wins hands down for those who are sceptical about its POWAH..

But of course have to depend on skills also la. like me.. still learning how to use it >.<

KVINLIM said...

I never see you use much of your D40 also, better start using before fungus grow in it =P

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