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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Choy Kee @ Karak New Village, Pahang

I planned a trip down to Kuantan earlier, so decided to do a little detour for some nice food along the route. After some survey, my friend recommended me to get some nice wild boar curry mee at Karak. Wild Boar Curry Mee is normal, available anywhere, what so special? Let's find out.

This is the place, Choy Kee, located just within the See Poi Lih Restaurant in the Karak New Village. It's not even a proper restaurant, just some chairs and tables setup along the five foot ways. It's the usual hawker setup in Malaysia, exactly how I like it. Such nostalgic feeling back in 60s or 70s.

Take a closer look, it is just a normal store serving wantan mee. What so special about this place? My friend told me that, the wild board is hunted fresh from the forest in the middle of the night, and cook on the spot to serve with the mee. I went like o_O" WOW! I've tried lots of wild boar wantan mee before, but hunt alive and serve immediately? Never, so it's a must try for me, guarantee freshness.

I talked to the boss, and he told me that they open from 1-2am until 6-7am! so he told me that if I happen to be on the highway in the wee hours, fresh wild boar is just a short detour away! How great, and I love it! Exactly what the old people said, early bird catches the worm! I might be posted to East Coast very soon, and such place exist to kill my hunger in the middle of the way is such beautiful.

Give you a better look at the setup, not that dirty and bad, it's ok. Open top, fresh wind, breeze air, what else better to do at 6am?

The famous fresh wild boar curry wantan mee, and how it taste like? My complain is that the curry is served cold, as I think they didn't keep the curry heated before serving us. The wantan mee is ok, and the curry is good. Wild boar meat is fresh and good texture. Is it worth the trouble to drive all the way from KL to try this? No, sorry. But a detour to enjoy a fresh plate of wild boar wantan mee? Why not! I will definitely stop by if I happen to be travelling in such wee hours along Karak highway to taste it again.

The soup is normal, and the wantan is ok. Nothing to shout about, suppose the highlight is the wild boar meat only.

A classical cup of kopi in the wee morning to accompany the wild boar curry mee, isn't that what life is all about? Exactly how I would live mine, enjoying such moment.

The food summed up to around RM13.00 for two of us ordering the same thing. It's ok and cheap considering of their wee hours operation. Glad that there are still people serving hungry customers in the wee hours, you know there are there when you are hungry someday. Reminded me of another shop in Nilai during my midnight oil burning moment in College.

Choy Kee Wild Boar Wan Tan Mee
Along Federal Route 2
Kampung Baru Karak
28600 Karak, Pahang
Location Coordinate: N3°24'50.03" E102° 2'3.99"

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