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Friday, July 19, 2013

Leo Star Restaurant @ Kuantan

Moving on, introducing another highlight of an oldie foot outlet in the town of Kuantan, named Leo Star. It's famous and known by local as "la cha mien" means dirty mee. Some other foodies relate the name to the mee served in a dirty place, of course normally famous and taste nice. However, for this case, the way the mee presented is "dirty" or you might call it messy. The way it's served also dirty and very messy, but maybe that's why it's nice and famous? Let's find out...

Leo Star Restaurant located along the shops facing the main road. We went on the weekend, and there are plenty of parking there, no worries.

This is the uncle posing for me to take photos, he is basically the one churning out all the nice "dirty mee" from this messy place. Pay some attention to the working table for the chef. I don't dare to go too near, his face like want to whack me =P

What's dirty mee actually? It's actually just a plate of usual wan tan mee with some shredded chicken and wan tan. But it's really quite messy and nice, therefore well known to local folks.

Here it goes, dirty mee or known as "la cha mien' in Cantonese slang. A normal plate will cost you RM4.00. 1-1/2 mee is RM4.50, and 2 mee portion is RM5.00. It's very affordable in my book, but it's a Kuantan town, so it's ok. Sell too expensive later all uncle auntie will complain =P

To live up to its name, it has to be very dirty and messy, which it is. The soy sauce are dripping everywhere, the mee hanging out of the plate edge seems to be their signature move, as I saw that on every plate! Intentionally done? Don't think so, just that they don't care, and that's where they get the name.

How it taste? Very good! The mee is self made, and the sauce is good with a good soup mixed with the soy sauce. I've just eaten a wantan mee in Singapore this morning, and I couldn't finish it. Reminded me on this post that I've left hanging since a while ago. So I'm here to finish it, and the taste is heavenly like if compare to the wantan mee I've eaten. For local folks, no brainer to catch a good morning breakfast here, but travelling over from KL for this? I wouldn't do that. Whoever passing by the town should take the opportunity to try it out, it's good.

Each plate will comes with a bowl of wantan in soup. The wantan is also nice, and the soup is what they use to mix with the soy sauce.

What I like about the small town kopitiam is that their drink is always very nice. I ordered the teh ice, and it's very good. Nothing to shout about though.

Conclusion? Nothing to write already, my entire review is up there talking about the dirty mee. It's very cheap, and light breakfast for a good morning. Below is the address and the opening time. More to come, stay tuned.

Leo Star Restaurant
B-1153, Jalan Beserah
25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Opening Time: Daily 10.00am till 3.00pm
Location Coordinate: N3°49'44.77" E103°20'27.80"

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