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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hong Bee, Fine Nyonya Cuisine @ Cap Square KL

On the other day, we happened to be hanging around in Capital Square Shopping Complex, and we thought why not look around the place for lunch. In fact, I think lots of people don't know where is Capital Square Shopping Complex, at least I didn't know earlier. It's actually a small shopping mall that's located off Jalan Dang Wangi and very near to Jalan Tun Ismail. The building is comprised of 4-storey and a TGV with 6 halls. It's an integrated lifestyle mall with condominium & office tower within the vicinity.

As we are scouting around the ground floor, we found this shop named Hong Bee, Fine Nyonya Cuisine. Nyonya Cuisine, yes I'm familiar. But Fine Nyonya Cuisine, that's something new. So quickyl we grab a seat. The place is basically empty when we got there because it's a weekday in odd hours like 10.30am.

There is meaning in their shop name, where the "Hong" means Rich while "Bee" means Taste Good. So their shop name is Rich Taste Good, yes of course. Where got Not Rich but Taste Good? Just a lame joke, forget about it.

The front shop display of Hong Bee explaining origin and specialty of their Pai Tee.
As we are seated, I can't help to notice the environment is very good with stylish modern touching. The food is very down to earth, and available from stuff like Kaya Butter Bun till Portugese Curry Devil.

A sample of some simple breakfast listing on the blackboard. A little pricey, yes, but don't forget that you are eating within the Golden Triangle Area, so don't complain.

Some very classic set-up of tables & chairs. Outside there are more confortable bamboo chairs for a good sip of coffee / teh.

This is just a random shot and it shows a mixture of classic Nyonya shop with a touch of modern set-up.

We ordered our food (to be reveal below), my wife suddenly very gung-ho about photography, so she started reading the latest copy of Digital Camera and challenge me to get the better photo. Of course I said yes! Let's do it. The right side shown the best shot she got, and as you can see, she only know how to tilt the camera (the skill that I teach her earlier) to challenge me. Hehe ....

As she firing the shutter, I grab the magazine and try to get some tips as well. The right side shown my shot. Who is better? Please vote =)

As we continue to argue whose shot is better, the food arrived. It took a while even without any customer, we never complain because the environment is so comfortable that we decided to enjoy our longer lunch.

Classic Teh Ice and Teh-O Ice that come with the set-lunch. Nothing to shout about, it's nothing better than the usual Teh-O Ice served by other famous franchise around the town.

Nyonya White Rice with lady finger served. I personally think it's very classic, considering how they even put thoughts into this simple white rice. Can't help to snap a photo of it.

The rice is served together with this bowl of Devil Curry or known as Portugese Spicy Pork. I don't know how it ended up in the Nyonya Restaurant, but I have to admit that it's quite good. The bowl is full of meat & ingredients and it taste very good. The sauce itself is very tasty, pairing up very nicely with the rice. There is option for you to change the meat, if you dont fancy pork, and we took up pork + chicken.

While I opted for the recommended Sek Bak or known as Nyonya Braised Pork. The plate looks regular, but the portion is infact very big! The whole plate is filled with braised pork, and I have difficulty finishing it. This is for some very heavy meat eater, of couse, I finish it also =) Very nicely braised pork and the meat is very soft and tasty. A little big portion, that's all.

An overview of the lunch we had, and there are supplement clear soup for our lunch set. A nice add-on, and no complain. The stuff here is quite good, but if you are not staying nearby Capital Square, then I don't see how you can get a chance to try these stuff. Luckily there are offices & commercial building around, and sure this shop is one of the office favourites lunch place.

Do try it out if you happen to be around the area and it would be a nice Fine Nyonya Cuisine experience under your belt. I didn't keep the receipt, but this lunch is costing me around RM30 for two person. Not too bad. They are on the Facebook as well, check them out, but their food photo is not as nice as mine =) Hehe, maybe they should ask me to take photos for their food.

As we are making to our exit, my wife noticed this water fountain just outside of the shop. With her still gung-ho feeling, she plays around and snap somemore photos with different effects.

A slow shutter to feel the rushing flow of the fountain.

A quick shutter to freeze the waterflow displaying a clear shot of water movement.

She is improving, underestimate to get her the Canon S90 =)

Hong Bee, Fine Nyonya Cuisine
G-47, Capsquare Centre
Persiaran Capsquare
Off Jalan Dang Wangi
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6012 324 7200
Location Coordinate: N3 09.294 E101 42.002

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