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Monday, July 12, 2010

1simpleplan is 1 year old

Today marked the 1 year anniversary of this blog and I've been through incredible experience. The whole blogging idea started when I suddenly have the urge to share my life experience with others, hoping to give inspiration. My friends have been asking me why I'm still writing the blog, since there is not much people reading it! Here is the answer. This blog is not only sharing the experience with others, but also to myself, as a reminder that I should continue to live a fulfilling life & achieveing life goals on this wonderful world.

There are lots of people that wasted their time around but by writing blog, it makes you think, what you are going to do over this weekend or next month. If I don't have anything to post over a month, then I started to think there is something wrong, that I need to go out there and do something more meaningful. That's part of the reason why I joined marathon, pursued my childhood hobby of photography, bought the Alfa Romeo experience and etc.

13th July 2009 till 12th July 2010 Food Journey Mosaic

Maybe this blog has not such big influence to my life, but part of it, it does affect my decision. With the experience, I think I live a more fulfilling life over the last year comparing to earlier years. Blogging takes up quite a lot of my time, but no regret as when I read back my post, it keep reminding me of what's my goals and what I wanted to achieve in my life. As you can see in most of my post, I'm currently pursuing foods & documentary photography, where I will continue to do so in the future.

I will continue to keep this blog going on and thanks to all readers for supporting. Hope you do enjoy the content but do let me know what you want to see more in my blog. Thank you!

13th July 2009 till 12th July 2010 Life Journey Mosaic

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Life: 20 posts
Photography: 29 posts

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Wai said...

keep writing ^^

Its the place to blow water more :P

write more about ur car and food! :D

KVINLIM said...

haha, food yes, but car not much lo. no money to mod, no time to run =P terrorising highway drivers most of the time, hehe. i lost your website add, give again?

Wai said...

i no website looo.. i also no tiem do :P

KVINLIM said...

huh? where is the old site? never pay so down already? just use blogger lo, free one ...

TNS said...

fuiyo, my bday

KVINLIM said...

wah, same day ar? nice nice ...

TNS said...

FIFA had the final on that day and Fiat was born 111 years ago in Torino on 11 July (due to timing different, it was 12 July in KL). Life can't be any nicer, :)

KVINLIM said...

wow, really? didnt know that! smiling wide =)

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