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Monday, July 26, 2010

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present the Paddington House of Pancakes or known as PHOP. This is one of my favourite restaurant around the town, because I'm a pancake lover =) I've been visiting it quite regularly, but only this time with my Canon S90. I grab some shots to share while having dinner with a good friend of mine that loves food as well.

There are 3 branches opened up in KL, located at One Utama, The Curve and The Gardens. I've been to One Utama & The Curve branch, and both are fabulous. The shot in this review is in the The Curve. Paddington House of Pancakes is basically a restaurant franchise bussiness available from their website. They serves wonderful pancakes related dishes and it taste really good.

A shot of the kitchen and victoria style decoration. It's a very relaxing place for a good chat and catch-up with your old friends, and I enjoy the environment very much. It's brightly litted but not too much till glaring in your eyes. Smooth colour and decoration. However, despite the good food & excellent environment, the place is always seems to be empty.

I suppose most of people don't know what this restaurant is about. With its name, I think it's giving out a wrong impression that it is a dessert outlet for pancakes only. Instead, it serves wide wonderful range of food from salad basket, pancake burgers, pannekoek pies, blintzes, blinis, steak till wonder pancakes ice-cream dessert. The choice is that much and I've not tried all of them.

A few shots of the in-shop envinronment, the white balance is manually set to show the actual lightings in the restaurant. Posh victorian style with clean setting. An additional point is that the photos that shown in my Canon S90 is much better than what's shown here and I got disappointed with the quality on the computer screen! I did a search and found out the Canon S90 LCD is famous for showing brighter & more vivid image comparing to the original photo. I can't trust the S90 LCD next time, got to try it out more often and set it correctly.

Of course, photoshop can easily pull it back, but I'm lazy, so the quality is not very good. Bear with me for this post only ok. =P

First to come is the appetizer named Pannekoek Nachos priced at RM16.00. I've never tried this before, but got a little disappointed because the manager said this is one of the pancakes dish, but ended up some crispy thin slice of fried pancakes that tasted like chips. Silly me because nachos explain it all and I dont know what it means. The thin slice of crispy pancakes is delicious and especially good with the sauce served! We finished the entire plate without realising ...

The dish comes accompany with three diping sauce named from top to bottom: sundried tomato, cheesy onion and guacamole. This little dipping sauce is what made the dish kicking!

The second dish up is the California priced at RM22.50. I'm crazy about pancakes and this dish is one of my favourites. The huge 2 cheesy sausages are hell delicious and the salami taste good. The real highlight of this dish is the 2 piece of mozzarella pancakes that is very very good to be eat together with the hash brown served! It's very soft and exceptional tasty with the slight sauce that's thrown in. Every bite is heaven like.

Next up we ordered the Grilled Lamb price at RM35.50. As said earlier, any lamb that's not served with mint sauce are not good. PHOP served it, so my choice to medium well done. Best is medium done, but my friend cant eat too raw. There is a generous portion of lamb and taste exceptionally good for a lamb lover like me. Two piece of pancakes served and it's again heavenly crazy to eat together with the sauce. A mixture of mashed potato and salad.

As usual, my favourite drink, a glass of in-house water. Free and healthy.

A drink that my friend ordered, funny colour but he said it's good. I don't bother to ask because I'm busy with all the pancakes on the table =) Nice.

As said earlier, this is one of my favourites restaurant, so of course thumbs up! Lots of people don't know about this restaurant and thought they serves dessert only. Hope this will change their mind and they will give it a try next time by browsing through their menu of hundred items. Ask help from the waitress, they will know what to recommend. Or else, just make sure to tell them you want pancakes with sauce in every dish, it will not fail you.

The dinner comes short of 100 bucks and it's kind of pricy because I ordered a lot. For a normal dinner of two, expect between RM60-70, it should be more than enough. The serving is also quite big and so far I haven't eat anything in this place that I don't like. Try it out and let me know. Cheers.

Paddington House of Pancakes
Unit 142 & 143
1st Floor The Curve
6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7726 2382
Location Coordinate: N3 09.435 E101 36.647

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